Still ok to Super Crop?

A couple of my plants are trying to out grow their tent. I did some cropping about ten days ago and they took it well, but a few days ago i did some and they did not survive, maybe i just just botched it last time ( first timer)…

Jack Herer auto, 37 days since sprout…

So a couple of questions…

do these look like they are in flower stage or still preflower? and can i still super crop them. My biggest issue is they are just getting too tall for the space, can i do one major crop on the main shoot and bend it over like a foot or so from the top or would that be too stressful ?

I was going to put them out side but wife not big on that idea. any other thoughts / ideas ? or could i trim them ?

Sorry maybe one more question… The really big leafs that dont have buds forming on them, can i defoliate them to make room for more light to get to the forming buds, seem like the really big leafs block the light to a lot of the flowers…



It’s still okay to super crop, but be super careful when getting them to bend to your will. They can get hardened off, and you don’t want them to snap. But it can be done.


That’s the operative: if stalks are bendy then you can do training.

Plant is in flower: 2 weeks maybe?

Flower does not need light to grow but plant needs leaves to make sugars to produce flower. Be careful of any leaf removal as it can affect flower production.

That said; likely plant can lose some leaves but I’d wait another week (21 days or so before leaf removal) and be judicious about it.


The plant? or just the portion super cropped?

Thanks folks appreciate all the advice…

Beardless, no not the plant just the small portion that i super cropped?

One other Super cropping question… can / should you only super crop individual shoots or can i do a larger stem which has
multiple shoots branching out of it… sorry if those are not the correct terms :slight_smile:


:+1: thanks…

Either, or both… personal preference.

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Pinch the stem and slowly wiggle it until it’s bent to your liking

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Thanks covert and NCshrubs, is there a best time to do the cropping ? just fed and watered them last night…

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Rather than clipping the leaves, see if you can tuck them under or behind the sites being blocked.

:+1: thank’s HMGRWN