Still no signs of flowering

Question from a fellow grower!

I’ve grown 5 of the zkittlez autos and I am about on week 6. 4 of them are flowering and 1 of them is short has some weird clubbed leaves and showing no signs of flowering. It’s about 20 inches and others are about 36 or more. I’m using a spider farmer 1000 light, 20/4 light cycle and fox farms mutes. Have had no nute deficiencies. What do I do. They are in a contained tent. I’ve sgrogged it, defoliate it and lst trained it to get light to all the areas. Still no signs of flowering. Just a tiny little bush with some leaves with 3 points and some weird clubbed leaves I’ve cut off.

Well doing all that to auto flowers is not recommended until you know better what you’re doing as these plants don’t have time to recover very much. You’ve stunted her growth on top of every plan is different and some grow faster and bigger than others.

What size tent are you running?
I don’t think this is sufficient light for more than one descent size plant.
Don’t know much about autos but I would change light cycle to 18/6 and maybe need to fill out a ticket…
Good luck

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Those are autos hes got the right light schedule now. I have yet to start 8 autos and not had at least one turn out to be a short mutant. The things just throw oddballs sonetimes

I run 18-6 on my autos, start to finish. Each plant is like having a bunch of kids, they aren’t all the same. Find a way to raise the shorty up so as to not have to compete for light and it will be fine.


Bad genetics is all there’s nothing you can do about it so don’t worry send a ticket to support telling them what’s going on and send pics… they will take care of you… you can lst prune do what you want it’s your plant … i would recommend topping them to make them short and bushy… just my opinion