Still no amber day 94

Looks like they are dying but…trichs!
Still milky and clear. Should I wait longer?


Some strains don’t get any amber. Depends on the kind of smoke your looking for,

Is that day 94 of flower or for the whole grow? When did you start counting?

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I started counting the day they popped out of the soil.

while this is good info to keep you need to keep count from when they start flowering instead

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The other thread about your plant 23 days ago…

Day 72 from sprout Blueberry auto.
Happy Frog
Dr Earth Nutes
Distilled water

@CLICKYBONES you’re so pretty Ma’am :muscle::100:

lol, sorry… That’s Olivia Newton John… Who was pro cannabis for her cancer, and of course my childhood crush from Grease… She recently passed away, and it was on my mind when i put the photo up… I’ll have to change that I suppose

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Yeah, the tri-combs are goofballs :joy: sometimes you can have a plant that looks totally clear through the whole grow…nature be crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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