Still nervous where are the buds?



Started post about overcrowded grow room ended up pulling one I’ll see how she does with a small led .when I pulled the one I noticed some roots sticking out of the bag and it’s not all over and I suspect a good amount of soil still left it’s 5 white widow autos 2 in 5 gallon bags and 3 in 3 gallon bags is this will monitor and use a bigger bag if needed just wanted to see if this is normal .what concearns me the most all 5 are between 20” and 24” tall I don’t see any buds anywhere it’s been in the pots for at least 10 weeks is this normal?



You should fill out a support ticket so people can get an idea of what is going on…


White widow auto ilgm,soil in grow bags two organic soils one fox farms,ph at root level 6.4 I am using flower power Nutes bloom currently on ilgm grow schedule ,lighting 480 watt led 20” above on a 20/4 schedule temps normally between 68-75 with a 55% average humidity,I do have supply and exhaust fans


I don’t have any experience with Autos, I will tag in a few people that may be able to help.
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I don’t grow autos either, sorry.


Thanks for the tag @merlin44 I’ve never grown one, but I’ve read a lot.
@sparky66 what concerns me the most is the lack of flowering for the age. Either this is a photo period plant, or some other human error.
I would switch the light schedule to 12/12 and see if anything happens. Let’s see what some others have to say…
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Some of your budsites seem to b in preflower. You will have groupings of pistils any day. It happens so fast


I’ve had sites like that for three weeks they turn into leafs but I hope you are right And I am impatient thanks👍


Patience makes buds grow big. Each strain is different. What a breeder says flowering time should be is just an estimate and should be taken with a grain of salt.


You need to drop you light schedule to 12 on 12 off they might be Feminized but regardless I think they’ll do better on this light schedule