Still learning Trichomes. Opinions?

So I have 3 plants nearing the end. I want to gauge where I think they are vs opinions with more experience.

Death Star - I think this one has another week or so.

Critical Purple - she looks ready to me

Amnesia Haze - I am think 2 more weeks


Not sure if the pics got mixed up but the amnesia is ready to pull. The others have a lot of glassy triches and need a week or two.

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The amnesia haze is confusing. Lots of amber, but also lots of white hairs.

Auto or photo :camera_flash: helps ?

Ur plants look like they need at least two more weeks im doing a critical purple auto aswell

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Death Star is Photo, Critical Purple and Amnesia Haze are autos.

I appreciate the help. The end of the grow is the hardest for me. I only have a few grows a year so I don’t get the repetition to really drive it home. Plus I am very impatient near the end.