Still Kicking Thanks to ILGM


What a rough road I’m on. Cancer has got hold of me but I am not going down. Thanks to Robert I make the finest RSO that is doing wonders. I had micowave alblaltions and radioactive seeds implanted but pumping the RSO turned the corner.


That’s is great news



So glad your still out there.


Hey @TMCannabis glad to hear that your doing good … My little sister was just diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer 1 month ago , she’s only 27 years old :disappointed: … I know there are a lot of different sites telling how to make rso but I would love to here your method if its not to much trouble so I could make my Lil sis a batch… She really needs it she just started kemo 2 weeks ago and its really kicking her butt … Thks



I’ll aways. Will Be here my friend and I hope you will be to.


Let me get my head back into it. Getting ready for a new batch myself. It’s the Rick Simpson Oil found on first batch was 6 ounces of Critical Kush. My next will be a blend of Lavender Kush and Jack Herer. Just checked under the microscope on week 8 day and I’ll have to post some pics.


Me too! :smiley: Glad to see you out and about


Thanks Latewood!
What a F-ing battle. My stead it strong and my blades are sharp.


Hi peachfuzz! I was just wondering how the oil worked for your sister, if you made any?


No I haven’t yet , but will b soon… Will post my thoughts on it when I get to that point…
Thanks for asking