Still in vegetation?

I can’t tell whether or not this is in veg or pre flower. What is it doing? The plan is 5-6 wksold

Looks liken it burn. I would just snip the bad part off not the hole top just the bad spot and water only with PH water of 5.5 6.0 for next few feedings.
But mean while fill out this Support Ticket ok?


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Answer these simple questions the best you can.
If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA

Strain; Type, Bag seed, or NA

Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco?

System type?

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir?

What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS

Indoor or Outdoor

Light system, size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation system; Yes, No, Size

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

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I started this out with bags seed… I’m a beginner at this. I originally started the plan out in a bark all natural compost. It was not growing fast and Seemed it lacked something… So I replanted and miracle grow and added more peareliite… Then it started growing fast. In the beginning of the groom I started with 2 40 W CFL’s… It just was not growing it was staying alive though. I grew in my shed in the horrible conditions. So I took it out the side and I’ll grow it outside for a while and what are you know it started growing quickly. I put a pesticide on my plan because I thought there were bugs on it and then added nutrients that the plant that need so I lost some leaves. I tell you this plant has been through hell and back I do not know How it is still surviving… OK so the nutrients burn the leaves and took a while to come back. I let it grow a little while longer and then I topped it… Just now I want to look at it and I see White hairs coming out…is it female? If so I’ll take and start a clone…I’m afraid of hermies! Is this what preflowering looks like? I don’t know what or how to fill out that questioner…Sorry thanks for replying…I’m going to send some more pictures just hours after the ones I sent you.

She is looking fine and it’s to early to tell if it’s male or female.
You can feed your plant but give it only half strength.
This way you’ll be able to adjust to what the plant can absorb. When your plant is say 6. 7 wks old flip it to 12/12 thats light on for 12 and off for 12.
Then in about a wk you’ll be able to tell if it’s male or not. Then if you want to grow it a littlest just go back to the original light schedule. Or just leave it and let her flower.


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Thank you for responding and helping me through this. I’m afraid to give it the nutrients because there is so much in the miracle grow now. It does look healthy. If anything what kind of nutrients would you give it?
Here are some updated pictures she still showing signs of a female. What do you think? I’m hoping to keep it outside and I’ve

already placed it to a 1212 cycle. I’m also hoping that it doesn’t stink as bad since it’s a small plant and I can get away from the neighbors finding it out. I live right next-door to a police officer.

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It’s been growing since October 1

It’s a girl congrats but she looks like she could use conciderably longer veg time. In the future if you want to sex try a little trick cut a clone put it on a 12/12 light it won’t need roots and will start to flower within 10 days during which your plant continues to grow. Growing is a patience game and shouldn’t be rushed.


Yup I agree with Donald here it seems to be female I can see white hairs and he’s right about the cloning to find out about male female.

I would back off on nutrients for a bit and let her feed off the soil.
She will let you know when she has used it up or needs a bit more. When I used that soil I didn’t have to feed for the most part of the veg period.

B Safe

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Thanks for joining in! Is it too late to clone my plant. Then it will only have three leaves.
Right now without a grow tent or a carbon filter there is no way that I would attempt growing outside around here. I’m just hoping when it does get cold it will be OK you may have to bring it in and put it under the flowering CFL’s any ideas