Still having issues

Strain- Hawaiian Snow; Type - Sativa
Super Soil in 10 Gallon fabric pots,
System type? LED?
PH of runoff or solution? 6.0 IN 7.4-7.6 OUT
What is strength of nutrient mix? 0ml/gal of water
Light system, size? SF4000
Temps; Day 77-82 Night 77
Humidity-Day 60-70 Night N/A
Ventilation system- Yes, Cloudline T6 Exhaust Cloudline T4 Intake
Humidifier- yes
Co2 - No

Cant seem to get PH run off under control and I have deficiencies but cant pinpoint which ones they are. I watered Friday night because they were drooping. So friday I watered with 6.0 ph and run off actually came out way higher at 7.6! I have 5 lb of dolomite lime if that would help my situation?

s of dolomite in my garage if that would help.


I believe the dolomite lime will raise your ph even more. I dont grow in soil so I’m not sure how to address your problem, maybe a flush? @Enlightened420 @PurpNGold74 @MrPeat @Hoppiefrog any ideas?


@CoyoteCody How do they look otherwise?


They look overall pretty good. I believe I see a little burn on the tips and some edges, but overall good to me.


Where u are in super soil I’d have to say your nitric acid is being used up too fast causing pH spikes. Unless u are feeding on top of the soil then I’d say scale build up and flush will help but I’m not a super soil guy it may remove all ur available nutes too causing serious issues maybe @Budbrother will have better experience in that area


I was just about to tag Budbrother myself, I don’t even ph when I water, never have… But if you can’t stabilise pH a flush may be in order.


Yup. Depends on the soil makeup. But dolomite lime is a pH raiser. I see it used when pH is too low.

What kind of soil?
Have u fed anything?
Anyway to check ppm/tds/ec of ur runoff?


Welcome ! Nice plants ,Have you verified your pH meter in a clean fresh bottle of 7 pH solution. also dolomite lime will pull your pH Up.

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Solution: Soluble natural sulfur to lower pH.

If wanna use lime: Dolomite will raise your ph over time, but hydrated lime lowers ph over time.


Hydrated lime? Just mix it into the topsoil and water? My soil is Subcools supersoil (small batch)

Make a slurry and siphon off the top water as directed in chart.

So mix this and spray in into the soil?

Mix and let settle over night. Siphon off the crispy water. Mix at 1:15 ratio with water. Then use this mix as a soil drench.

I no longer use hydrated lime cause it can and will burn roots if mixed too strongly. I use natural sulfur to do the same job without risk of burning roots. Plus the added sulfur kicks up the terps.

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Then why cant I use sulphur? Ive come this far and dont wanna risk killing my plants

I don’t know!? You’re the one asking about the hydrated lime option.

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Lol sorry its my very first time growing.

Yes id rather use natural sulpher as this is an organic grow.

Whats the ratio for using this instead of the other stuff?

There isn’t a ratio. The best thing is a soil test. Who know what’s going on in your soil? It’s always better to add a lil bit, wait a week, and then test soil ph. Remember, you can always add, but it’s harder to take away.

I forgot to mention this before. If you add too much, and it acts as a fungicide. A little sulfur is a stimulant to soil micro-life, an overdose is toxic.

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