Still having issues with 1 plant funny colors on leaf

Has had funny color it whole life still biggest plant I got. I just don’t get it .ph in at 6.2-6.4 ph out 6.5-6.8 flushed with 10 gal ph at 6.4

is it on just one leaf or several? . I have 2 healthy plants and on both plants there are a leaf or two that look odd… but since it was only a leaf or two on a big plant I didn’t stress it out like I used to when I first started… and yes I’m still new at this.

maybe @garrigan62 can help… he is really good at diagnosing plants

Several upper leaves


How close are they to your light ?
And what are your nutrients and how much and how often


Hey man i have a plant doing this same thing only a few of the leaves are also starting to fade while the viens are are remaining dark. Do any of yours look like this?

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