Still Confused? What is it?

Hey everybody. Started a couple bag seeds. I know “bag seed bad idea.” I’m new i was frustrated loosing 3 autos. So to the bag seeds. Now they are 3 weeks 5days. 1 showed male so I got rid of him. The other 2 are showing female seem to have an excelarated rate of growth for the last few days since they showed gender. Numerous sites of white hairs. Still not convinced its not a autoflower?? Light cycle 18/6.


I don’t see flowers but I have a limited view, but if there is flowers and you are at 18 hours of light it’s an auto

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bag seeds are a good idea. If you loose some it’s experience!
Can not tell sex to early for me. The one of the left looks like it has a need.
The leaves are starting to turn a different color. Maybe some Cal Mag?

You’re still not clustering up which means you’re still in veg time

Any plant will show sex when it’s mature. Mature just means it’s ready to be flipped to the 12/12 light cycle. If you leave those bag seeds on an 18/6 indefinitely, you’ll very likely end up with some very monstrous veg plants that will grow out your roof when you do flip the lights to 12/12.

Naturally autoflowers can happen in the wild, hence how the genetics exist, but chances are low your bag seed is autoflowers- or if it is, chances are pretty high they’ll be hermaphrodites.

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Did you see his other post? The male was full on producing pollen sacs, not just showing gender. I’m convinced they are autos. At least that male was… Like I told him, I got autos in a bag of bud before. Grew them out and they were full on females. No hermaphroditing. Some one down the vine must have been trying to breed. Like you said though its very rare. I actually have a few more seeds from around that timeframe and I’m willing to bet some more are autos. We’ll find out when I grow them :grin:

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It wasn’t the best picture but did anyone the leaves all the sets have 5 fingers the sets on the top had 7? True brad when I took the male outside and really looked the pollen sacks actually looked like little grapes hanging.

Nothing out of the ordinary with the finger thing. Some of mine have 11 on one leaf first ones have like can have 1 or 3

Males will always show early. Destroy them unless you want to produce seed. Then you would grow for seed instead of product. Which is different. Seed grows should go longer than product.

Only note I’ll put on the pictures. Overwatering…

See how the leaves appear to be too heavy for the plant. They droop from the main stem. Not mid leaf (under watering). These girls are definitely getting too much water.

This is one of the best examples of over watering I’ve ever seen. Tbh. I’ll probably save it for my records. Lol. perfect visual example.

Let them dry out. Do a lift test. When the pots feel empty. Water/feed.

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No not overwatered at all. Maybe hard to tell they are ready for bed. Hour 17 of 18/6. Heavy light. They do the same thing every night in the morning they are beautiful again. But it was a thought.