Still a newbie. GDP. are they almost ready?

So my GDP have been in bloom for 4 weeks… and I swear they look almost ready to harvest… what do you think? Can they go another 4 weeks or should I start starving them for the harvest? Having issues uploading the pic from phone. If it didn’t work, I’ll do it on the computer in a minute


You have a long ways to go the pistols will turn brown


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I’m a beginner but I’m pretty sure they have a while to go yet.
I’m sure one of the experts will get you answered.

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You got a ways to go.

This pic is taken a week or so from harvest of gdp auto.
Notice all the red over white hair. Once the hairs amber and lie down (90% of em) you are close. Need a jewelers loop or a usb microscope to check trichomes.


Yes you want the trichomes amber to cloudy for harvest buddy


To aid you in determining when trichomes are mature and harvest ready


Patience, Grasshopper.

You’ve got weeks.

Meanwhile, watch this.

Lovely plant by the way…


Thanks. Third grow, and the best by far. Bigger pots, temperature control for cold nights, and more light. For 3.5 oz my first harvest… hubby is thinking 16 oz this time round.



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Very nice but young bud…Will have very little effect…

Mature Bud with dried up pistils, this is when you should check trichomes…


What do you guys think? Are they about ready to harvest (for sleep, so i want to harvest a bit past the normal for THC potency). I am set to start starving them of water on Wednesday, and hanging to dry on Saturday. It’s a dry climate so I will make it go as slow as I can, but there is not much I can do at this point.

You can add a bucket of water with a shop towel draped into the water and hanging over the side of the bucket. Use a fan to circulate the moisture off the towel by pointing the fan at the bucket. I live in the desert and used this to dry inside my tent with climate control at 65%rh. It took 6 days to dry…was shooting for 10. You will want to change the water every 3 days so it does not get bacteria contamination.
Your plant looks beautiful. Just incase, this is the best graphic about harvest time I have seen so I like to share it.

Don’t let the advertised timeline fool you, that is meant as a estimate and can sometimes take longer, or even go faster depending. I still see lots of white hair straight out, says you have more to go likely. Only real way to tell is by the trichomes.
Be sure to look at the trichomes on the bud and not those on the sugar leaf. The ones on the leaf mature faster then those on the bud itself. I have read it’s best to look 1/3 of the way down from the top of the bud, one person suggested 1/3 down the plant, but I have only seen the one person so far.
Super good looking flower, can we see the whole plant?
Also if you want more info on harvest, dry and cure. I recomend Bill Ward on YouTube. He has a 3 part series on the subject. Just search Bill Ward Harvest, you will find it. He is who tipped me off on the water bucket trick.

You have a long way to go still 4 weeks into flower isn’t even halfway.