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@Hellraiser would you have happened to come across anything like this before? :point_up:

Yeah man is it splotchy through the whole plant you said? And like this before nutes right? Was it like this from very young or when did you notice it first?

She seems to be growing real healthily but just has these splotches all over, and has for at least a week or two

Maybe longer than that even

I would say disease or big fluctuations in ph. Do you ph water and nute mix everytime you water?

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Yeah ph issues can cause that, are you ph’ing everything that goes in and any idea what ph of runoff is?

Yea I bring it to 6.5 every time

I have not checked run off in a while though

Damn I just watered today too lol

@Hellraiser @Nickknowsfunny

Sometimes I get some splotchy parts as well even with decent ph, I just feed more and kick up calmag to 5ml/gal and it usually goes away.

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In addition to the ph question, I wonder if the soil is overloaded with nutrients now? Most folks dont fertilize in that soil for at least 6 weeks, because it has nutes in it. You just transplanted? Recently? In fresh ff?

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@Hellraiser I haven’t used cal/mag. That could very well be what’s going on

@Cannabian yes I just transplanted from solo cup to 3 gal pots. Plants were about 4 weeks old. Started the nute feed the very next day after transplant

I transplanted like a week and a half/ two weeks ago

Then you shouldnt be feeding

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You most likely should just water and check your ph in and out?

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I can officially say she’s a lady!!

About another 3-4 days til the other three girls show their official sex. They’re in the very early preflower stage but the preflowers that are present are long and pointy. Signs that a white hairlike pistil should be poking through very soon! :crossed_fingers:

I’ll try to take a pic of the other preflowers, but it’s difficult to get a decent one because of how small they are.

The pic above is one of the younger three plants. It’s still too early to say if it’s a female or not officially. But imo they look more long and pointy than short and spade like, which is what would identify a male pollen sac

So I transferred to 5 gallon fabric pots a few days ago. Three of them are females for sure. The one on the far right is looking like a female but has not shown any pistils yet. I’m still in veg but I’m thinking I need to switch to flowering real soon because I have a 4x2x5 tent and 4 plants. I also would like to start the SCROG process but I was wondering how you water once you begin that process. Do you just water them directly in the tent? Please let me know how I should proceed

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After the screen is setup, the plants stay in the tent and get watered there. I have my plants sitting on 15" pot elevators which sit in 17" round trays. After watering, I use a giant 300ml syringe to suck up the runoff in the trays.


If you have the headroom something like this will work too. You just need to make sure you get the right size for your pots


You can also use a wet/dry vac to remove runoff


So I transplanted to 5 gal fabric pots about a week ago. I just watered for the second time yesterday in these pots. I switched my light schedule to flower last night (12/12). I pruned the lower part of the plants and I’m about to set up the SCROG. Any helpful tips?

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I also wanted to get a second opinion on one of the girls. I know the other three are females because they clearly have white hair like pistils, but the last one is being stubborn. It’s has grown taller and significantly more rapidly than the others. It definitely looks long and pointy but no hairs have popped out yet. What do you guys think?