Sticky stull and trimming bud

Hello all! I’ve got another question. I read a lot about how sticky bud is when you wet trim. Lots of concern on getting the sticky off. When I grew outdoors in Texas years ago, I had enough grow for 120 lbs. I went around every month at the full moon ( if I remember correctly ) and topped all the buds and fan leaves. By the time I was finished, I had sticky fingers!! I rubbed that off every month untill the end where I had a grape sized ball of sticky stuff. Smoking that was like tripping. True finger hash I called it. Has anyone done this? I haven’t done this for an indoor grow so I am starting at the beginning with my understanding. I have not done any topping or gotten rid of the fan leaves. But now I’m getting ready to harvest and I am wondering how it will go with the sticky stuff. Thanks for reading. I hope I made sense.


Rubber / latex gloves ae recommended. A couple good clean scissors are a must. When I wet trimmed I would put the sticky scissors in a glass with Everclear. Cleans them nicely. Having a couple pairs speeds things up. Evaporate the Everclear and you have some nice resin. You can use Isopropyl alcohol but not if you want to consume the resin.
I quit wet trimming and changed to dry trim. Much easier and faster


I just started saving

Thanks for the heads up on the Everclear.