Sticky leaves on blackwidow fem

Hello all,

I have to fem blackwidows in coco with perlite this is the 6th week it’s growing great but I noticed that some of the leaves feel a little sticky. Is that normal??

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Probably trichomes you can’t see. These will be all over when it flowers. It’s definitely a good thing.
Unless you applied something to the leaves you didn’t mention.

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Yeah, those are trichomes. It’s the good stuff your flowers will be full of when you harvest.

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Hello I think I’m in trouble I don’t know everything was find been feeding the same currently

GH floral series
Ph 5.8
EC 2.1
Ppm 950
Black widow they all are dropping

Your ph is low. Was that ph going in or coming out. Either way its low. You dont want your run off coming out lower then 6.5 to 6.3 minimum

Can I save them still

Ok so I make the mix check it with my pen it goes in at 5.8
However coming out it reads 5.3

You can save them. But you need to be going in with water ph of 6.5 to 7.0

Ok thank you also I placed them today in the net should I remove them or is it ok to leave