Stepping inside for the first time

Dropped 4 seeds in some water for their 24hr soak.

All from ILGM so they will stay inside to become mothers.

1 seed each…

Amnesia Haze
Big Bud
Sour Diesel

Forgive me for not remembering, but I forgot who it was that mentioned using a soldering iron for making the drain holes in plastic. Thank you very much, I am extremely satisfied with the results!

When I get them placed in soil tomorrow, I will try to also start journals for them. Not being able to always remember who wants to see them, I will link them here for anyone interested in watching.

I understand where @Paranorman is coming from with his :sleeping: now. Keeping track of the grow, especially early stages, can be a bit of a bore sometimes. I’ll take the snooze over the stress of something going wrong, but…

Will be back later, life calls…


It’s ok @FloridaSon most of us can’t sleep real good anyway! :sunglasses:


Seedlings are either boring or All White Knuckles either you’re waiting or you’re worrying about something omg! …so stressful at least I find it that way bro!

Following along, good luck! …and I remember that thread with the holes in the bucket I can’t remember who it was? …was it peach fuzz?

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@Paranorman was it the red bucket like container? I’ve seen a couple

I’m thinking it may have been @Matt_auto but I’m hoping they’ll chime in. There was a nice spiral pattern to the round pot that was supposed to help avoid becoming root bound.

Found it. It was @peachfuzz and I would really like to thank you for this idea.


Wasn’t it code420tv if I’m not mistaken

What’s up brother
Just wondering how your liking that light you’ve had it a little while now
Im rebuilding my grow room setup after my current grow is harvested
I’m on the fence about your lights price is right for sure
I’m going to pick up 2 more lights in the 1000 watt range for my future flower boxes
Would like to have 2veg tents and 2 flower tents set up if I can fit all in the space wife has allowed me to use lol

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Y’all done got me second guessing myself on here about lighting, side lights to much light I thought leds couldn’t put out to much light… I’m just gonna quit reading and start doing, I’m referring to side lights post any advice you could share countryboy

I’m going to tag you over on my thread so we don’t blow up @FloridaSon s thread @Stonetothebone
Give me a few minutes


It’s not like much is happening. I think I may actually be done with this one. After considering the advice given about bringing the plants back in, I’ve decided to go ahead and plant mothers.

3 out of 4 have sprouted. Still waiting on the Big Bud to show. Once I’m able, I’ll probably start a journal for each strain and link it here.

The Blueberry autos seem to be taking forever to do anything. It will be nice when they finally take off. I guess they’re still spreading their feet?

On the plus side, my Gout has finally eased up enough that for the past two days I’ve been able to get around. Yard work yesterday and demolition work today. Preparing to restore the front porch.

They had enclosed it to make two more bedrooms. The wife wants it back to the way it was when she was a child. It was her dad’s favorite place after work.

No worries, friends…


Glad to hear you feeling better and moving around
Good stuff :+1:


@Hammer, this is the topic that has my light. As all my future mother plants have sprouted, I will be starting a topic for each.

I’m not sure if you can really see it well, but the sprouts appear to be stretching. I’m sure it’s a sign that I should lower the light, but as I had mentioned, I’m a bit freaked out by the blistering I saw on B.S.3 and started to notice a little on another one.

The bag seed plants will stay outside now and I will be using the light for the mothers and my Blueberry Autos.

Were you able to determine proper distance from the image that was provided? I’ll be placing the mothers in 6" pots in a couple days before putting them in their final pots. I would like to bring the light down, but I’ll wait for an opinion from you.

I think I’ll be doing a journal in the lab as well…


Hey @FloridaSon I just ordered two of those lights
How do you like them ? I should have them this week and was curious brother


Hey bro I’d love to hear what your results for diastance from seedlings, lmk. I have a 1200w crxsunny on the way :wink:


Right now I’m noticing more stretch than I would like, but the blistering I noticed at 3’ has me uneasy.

Right now, I’m at 4’ and not sure if I want to risk lowering it. I plan on repotting soon which will allow me to bury the long stems, so I’m ok with a little stretch right now.

I’m assuming, we all know how that goes, that as they age they will do better with the light being closer. I believe it’s just too intense for seedlings at the proper distance to avoid any stretching.

It will be nice to see others using this brand so I can compare. The Sun is so much simpler!!! Lol


I’m sure if you wanted too you could lower it slowly I’m talking inches at a time 1 or 2 per day
I think it was most likely just to intense for seedlings you wouldn’t start under a 1000w hps right ?
I plan on using mine in flower box so I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to help
On seedling issue bro but thanks for responding :+1:
Good luck @FloridaSon
I may throw one in for the last couple of weeks of my current grow just to see how it does price was right on these lights
Happy growing :+1::cowboy_hat_face: CB

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You can lower it safely at 3.5 feet @FloridaSon and it will help with the “stretching” :wink::innocent::+1::v:


So mfg recommends 1.2 - 2.2 meters @FloridaSon
Don’t know if that helps you

Wow! That’s around 3-6’ isn’t it???