Step Right up to the Big Top Tent, See 8 Unique Strains Perform in Coco for Your Entertainment under the Bright LED Lights!

10 seeds were dropped into water on July 1st, 2017. They are all autos and growing on a 20/4 light cycle. This is my first grow.

Here is their life so far, starting at day 11 through lights out this morning (38 days). It takes a few days for them to get going, but when they do…

Time/date stamps are at the top.

The recording was taken as a high res still shot every 5 minutes from a tripod mounted Raspberry Pi Zero W ($10 and includes integrated wifi and bluetooth), using RaspiCam software, a Raspberry Pi camera, a power supply cable, a 16gig micro SD card, a case for the Pi, and Insync software which uploads all the pics to a Google Drive for editing into video. I can also watch a live video stream of the plants. Approx cost of hardware to duplicate this, $60 or so. If there is interest, I may create a tutorial on setting your own time lapse up

There are 10 plants total, 3 of 1 strain. The plants continue to grow wildly and I have reached out to a couple people who may adopt 2 of the repeats if this becomes a problem. Since these were autos, I did not anticipate this problem. This is a good problem, as far as I can tell.


Love the video and the girls look great keep up the good work :+1: CB


Awesome video. Great idea


@mulch Looking good!

I would sure be interested in a tutorial on your video set up - if you create it, please tag me in it!



Such a cool video! It’s really neat to see the plants slowly droop and then as soon as they get water they perk up! Looks pretty awesome for your first grow!


Thank you guys. I really enjoy the video as well. I just raised the camera again a few minutes ago.

Here are the lights and tent that were used.

@Whitewidownoobie & @steve2 , This is an 8x4 tent running 2 of these LEDs that were mentioned in your thread, if you want an idea. Sorry, just starting to bud but the plants loved them in veg. I am very happy with both of them. They are the only light I have been using, and they have been using veg and bloom switches the entire time

sorry if I am late



I’ve heard great things about those lights @mulch
I know @Hogmaster use the Miezhi lights with great results :+1:


Love it
Hope you’ll post the whole thing on you tube when it’s finished :metal:

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one must have a basic understanding of command line and/or ability to follow instruction. it is linux with no GUI, but it is pretty much copy and paste, for the most part

the specific software isn’t so bad, but just like in a grow room, its the configuring fo the environment that has more steps than one might prefer

outstanding video!!!

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Awesome vid looks cool

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That’s a BadA** Video! Thanks for sharing it…

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good show @mulch, i might have to get one!

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Thank you @mulch ! I don’t understand command line, but I can follow along - might have to employ my sons to help me out a bit. One advantage to growing older… if I don’t keep up with technology, I have two teenaged backups.

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you are very welcome

command line can be a bit like growing herb… seems like an easy route or maybe even a hobby but it kind of becomes a lifestyle…

or you will hate it out of frustration and never look at it again

really, quite similar

one could ALWAYS buy a go pro and rig up something similar for more money and less potential frustration.

i use a raspberry pi, yes, because it is fairly cheap. but i do love me some open source computing! and overcoming challenges is fun for me. this might not be the case with you

i am totally enthusiastic to help others, but i want to manage expectations

for instance, i will not likely be updating the instructions, so if something changes down the line, i may not be able to help. you may have to do a little research yourself to keep things flowing. if you like linux, you will enjoy it. if you dont, you might hate it

i will likely start a supplemental thread soon if the interest is there, as it is way fun and can be started at any phase of the grow.

but if you want easy, save us all frustration and buy a go pro

this is a DIY project; not that you have to do, but that you want to do.



My Raspberry Pi went into a boot loop last night, so I had to set up the time lapse system again today. I took advantage of the opportunity to notate what I did so others can replicate, if so desired.

The thread is now live and can be found at


video update:

I am basically assembling 1 timelapse a week.

to get on the correct schedule of once a week, here is day 11 up to day 42 (to skip what you already saw in the previous video, head to about 3:30 of the video for only the new stuff (less than 30 seconds new footage. abbreviated week + some downtime due to a boot loop)

they are overtaking me. opening the tent, or more specifically, closing the tent is becoming perilous. I am also running out of places to put the thermometer if they keep stretching


Nice grow tent you’ve got there although your really running outta space. I wish I could help you out with 2 plants so you could have some space…lol. Nice work man.

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Yup, space is becoming a premium. Am pretty much doing the watering and cleanup on hands and knees

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


Really, i don’t think the tent is helping, aside from a place to hang the lights

and i am even running out of that

i am considering just making a grow room. I have the entire room to use.

i just added shelves to make things neater and more organized

I might be out of electricity, tho

i have the home run of the power running from a converted dryer power in the kitchen, hung and tacked to the ceiling

the house i am renting was made in 79. there is no where near enough power here. Very few circuits in the house. We had to convert the dryer outlet to two 20-amp circuits because the kitchen circuit couldn’t run my microwave and toaster oven at the same time. I have gas for the dryer, so the new outlet was put in. I only used the 1 20 amp for the toaster oven, so i had the leftover for the lights and fans.

I would need to start adding circuits to add more lights

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