Stems too weak to stand

seeds germinating well I got 30 beautiful plants up about two inches an the stems are so weak that there just dropping one by one an there in the same soil same light an temp an all just stems to weak to hold the plant an I’m running out of time quick

Can you add more soil around the seedling to support it to stand up?
Also, it’s recommended to have a fan blowing across your plants to strengthen the stem as it grows.

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How met is the soil, sound like dampig off maybe. Add soil could work also help it either tha or a toothpick and a twist tie can help it as well


what are you using for soil and how often are they watered?

Did you have a small fan blowing across the sprouts tp strnghten the stems after they popped?

How far away and what type light are you using?

I use a T5 1-1.5" above the sproutds and provide a gentle breeze in order to strengthen the stems

I will try and find an image

Plants stretch and fall over most of the ti.e because the light is so far away, give them a hand and pull the sun closer

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I have 10 seeds from ilgm that say the lights too far away