Stems and leaves

Can anything be made with the stems and leaves after harvest? Don’t the stems have CBD?

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I’ve never heard that the stems have CBD?

Sugar leaves can be processed and the trichomes harvested as Kief or Shake or hash or bubble hash etc.

Some add the leaves to salads etc…

I grind up the smaller stems with my bud.


My best friend works on a doctor’s Lexus and he got into a discussion about CBDs recently. The doctor told him CBDs are in the leaves and stems. He also told him that hemp plants have the highest CBD. Honestly I haven’t done any reading up on it, but I would think hemp would be low on CBD if it has almost no thc. Maybe that doctor don’t know what he’s talking about.

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Most commercial CBD oil comes from hemp. Because it has virtually no THC it is easier to get just the CBD…

I can’t say that I have ever hear that CBD is in stems and leaves… I’d love to hear more… @OldSkunk