Stem Splitting - Autoflower VS Fem

@elheffe702, @ anyone else who can help. Seems like stem splitting hasn’t had a wealth of discussion here - at least that I can find.

So I’ve been reading / watching up on stem splitting and it seems like a practice I might want to try. I’m harvesting 2 Amnesia Haze Autos and 2 White Widow Autos next Tuesday and thought I might try it on one of them to juice production in the last week or so. Has anyone got first (or even second hand) experience with stem splitting?

What about auto vs fem?

Does it matter?

My last harvest, I had autos & photos. I drilled all the plants a week before harvest. Autos & photos reacted similarly: lots of extra snow.

Drilling is like splitting, but a bit safer, all around.


@blackthumbbetty, so you just used…a drill?? Sorry, I have to smile - the one thing I was really worried about concerning the whole splitting process was having the knife go off center half way thru and come out the other side unevenly, if I’m explaining that well. Drilling seems like a way to be more precise in the initial ‘puncture’.

So, do you drill then try to split the stem open once you have the hole? Or does the initial drilled hole alone spur the plant to frost. Can you give us an idea of how big a hole you drill (in relation to the stem/stalk)?

Sorry for all the newb questions. Trying to learn as much as I can, as fast as I can during my first grow season.


Yea how thick your stalk is really depends how big of a hole you drill to me anyways but they say just a popsile stock in between the 2 sides us enough or chop stick so mabey a hole that size. I think the last time I did it was a 1/4 in drill bit


I just drill. Use a 1/4" bit. You’ll make 2 holes: Start about an inch from soil & drill onevway, then drill a second hole perpendicular & 1/2" above the first. No need to put something in the holes after they’re drilled.

I’ve read about some using the drill to start, and then they split it using the starter hole.

There’s a video of me drilling in my grow journal. It’s the misadventure journal.


I did one plant i drilled holes i did 1 hole by every branch off from the main i had about 6 holes quarter to 3/8 inch bit. This last one i did to try is on a creme cbd and i used a k ife to splite it in 2 spots she is super small was an experi.ental plant. She is an auto about a week from chop probably only gonna get a quarter off her dry but it was just a fun plant to try things to see what autos can do. Here is a pic of the split one i have in the room right now going.

The white look on the dirt is from having some DE on the dirt to keep gnats away. Its not anything bad lol