Stem splitting and flushing questions

Hey everyone I wanted to know should I flush my plants then split the stem after I flush right then. I am a week from harvest. I plan on doing the 48hour darkness but my real question is. After I split the stems do I not want to water anymore? I plan on putting them in the darkness after 5days at least after splitting the stems. I’m asking cuz my plants need water after three days usually and I havnt seen anything on the care after doing it. Help would be great thank you everyone.

Are your trich’s really ready? Too many new growers cut their plants down too early when most of the buds are still packing on weight. My buds doubled in size in the last 2 weeks. Are your pistils 95% done, with a microscope or magnifier can you see any amber trich’s on the calyx (not sugar leaves). Pictures would help.


They are def ready in a week or so I won’t be cutting them down for an other 9-10days at least and the trich’s are starting with amber now. I have 90 percent orange hairs. Can’t take pictures until 8or9 p.m when I get home from work


I switched the light to 12\12 on christmas

Supposedly it takes a week or so for the stem split to do it’s job. Water lightly at your dark period trying to hit dead dry at the point when you chop.


Drill the stalk 2 holes one north and south and one east and west spike with toothpicks or kabobs sticks and give ice baths right before lights go out

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I don’t have a drill. What I did was the zip ties one on bottom an other a couple inches above. I cut the stock with a knife then took the extra part of the zip tie I cut off and shoved those in the hole I cut. Worked great actually. I’ll post pictures later today when lights are on tonight.

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That works i did that for a while till i chopped 2 plants basically in half and the bigger the stalk the harder it is for me to split with a knife and not mess it up i just dip my drill bit in alcohol first. To each their own here’s what my stalks got to

I can add my experimce eith the process. I just did it on 3 of 6 plants with surprising results. My grow started out tight for space so when some of the biggest colas were ready I flushed all 6 with sledge hammer till ppms were around 300. For the next week I only watered every other day but just enough to get the soil moist, not to 20% runoff anymore. After a week I split the stems for 1 of each of the 3 pairs of strains I grew.
After the second week I put both of ea strain in 48 hrs darkness with the top of the pots covered with ice. I had 40% amber trichs before the 48hrs and prob 60%. On most of them, tho the ones i split had more signs of them eating themselves with leaves turning some wicked colors.!
After taking the biggest and mostly top colas, I was able tonreturn most of the plants under lights again and the smaller nugs took weeks to fatten up. AllI I fed was water with molasses and they kept on going with the split stems… did 48 hrs again with Ice and had the same results with the finish harvest.
Pics below were after first 48 hr period prior to first harvest.


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Did you mean to say…
“I had 40% amber trichs before the 48 hours and probably 60% after.”

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Yes sir…lol

This is one of the most interesting post i’ve read. Increasing the potency is a must for me. So you STS and layed ice around them to throw into big shock and took the biggest tops and then you harvested the other buds when they matured and shocked them with the ice only with the stem already split. That’s to cool to be true but i will try on at least one maybe two for sure.

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Thanks @HogStix, but yep it’s true! Just trying to share what Im doing in hopes of helping or adding or getting schooled! I was totally surprised the plant kept going. It really allowed me to get the most out of the plants. I would’ve had some lame small buds if I hadnt.
Goodluck with yours and let me know how works out for ya!


Doctor, I do not think this indica is quite ready but I just noticed that the Sativa’s that were nearby have seed sacs on them. should I harvest now or is it OK to just move it away from the Sativas?

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