Stem slicing to get more THC

I have read that slicing the stem at the base three days before harvest is a good way to get more thc into the buds and also that turning the lights out for three days is also good. I am about ready to try this and am waiting to see some amber in my trichomes before doing this. Any advice on this subject would be much appreciated.


@DineyB There are a few people who do this and should be a great help to you I’m actually going to do this myself I have heard of 24 hrs of dark but not 3 days @garrigan62 @FloridaSon @Paranorman these guys may be able to help you I think @Paranorman does this good luck keep me up to date let me know how it goes


@DineyB i also heard that you need to drive a steak in the slice…all the way through… my 5 cents worth

I know how to do it I just not have not done it yet I plan on using three or four toothpicks to keep in between the Stem and zip tie above it and zip tie below it


I’ve never tried the extended dark before harvest. Because it’s said that the trichomes produce during the dark cycle, I can understand the logic behind the practice.

This is my first season indoor and I’m just now getting started, really. Outdoor, we don’t have that option since our plants tend to get too big to adequately cover.

The light degrades the trichs, signaling the plant to produce a heavier coating. Does it stop that signal when the light doesn’t come back on? Or does it just keep building that protective layer until the light cycle starts?

I don’t know.

I feel that if you plan to split your stem,( I wouldn’t advise it if you’re not familiar with the strain) I would do it two weeks before intended harvest. Again, I don’t advise doing it, but the choice is naturally yours to make.

To live is to learn…


Well said @FloridaSon my preference is outdoors but it’s winter and I’m on my fourth in doors bro I like pushing the limits but I agree 100% it is not something I would tell someone to do so just keep in mind experiment at your own risk I would hate to put all that time and effort into something just to destroy it but I’m in a position to where I can play but if it’s someone’s first bro I don’t advise it at all


i was thinking of trying the stem splitting on 1 of my 4 blueberrys in another 2 weeks when the time in near, just to see if it makes a noticeable difference. the thing i dont know is the whole dark period thing??? i am approximately 2-3 weeks from harvest and was wondering what light schedule i should change too right before harvest? i have read a lot about going to 14/10 for the last few days and even a 24 hour dark period. can someone please give me a little insight on this??? thanks everyone. you all are GREAT!


Thanks to all who have replied. I am growing Blueberry Kush auto and it is very close to harvest. I had heard about the stem splitting and thought that might be a good idea. I am thinking of using a sharpened popsicicle stick and gently pushing that through the stem near the bottom. Now I’m getting a little worried about doing it, but when it’s this close to harvest what could really go wrong? As long as I don’t accidentally split the stem completely. I thought that it was at this sight where I had read about this…maybe not. Well, I got me some thinking to do.


I think a knife blade then follow it up with popsicle stick. Make sure you tie her down good above and below so that split doesn’t open up too far


You’re correct about reading about it on this site. Robert sent a letter out talking about it and the idea took off.

You can do it because, as you said, you’re close enough that you really won’t hurt much. I was just voicing my opinion on it.

A split stem from an over aggressive attempt at some super cropping. I’m not overly concerned because it’s just some bag seed to play with, but it shows how much abuse they can take.

I’ll have to support this plant because I didn’t close the wound. Too bad hind sight can’t look forward! Lol

Again, it’s your grow to do as you see fit…


@DineyB ive tried a multitude of THC increasing techniques…

And i’d say every one helps. It’s a cumulative effect.

I start my tch increase process up to 10 days before i plan to harvest. I don’t think 3 days are enough time for the plant to react.

It includes:

splitting the stem, flushing, dehydrating, and blacking out for at least 2 days

From my understanding the threat of death causes cannabis to try to protect itself by producing more resin in the flowering period

These sudden changes/stress force your plant to play defense by making more resin to prevent itself from drying out and dying before seeds ( i know u don’t want seeds) have a chance to fully mature.

Thus, the most effective technique from my experiments is dehydration.


Hi Les, So at what point do you stop watering? I have not seen any amber in my trichomes yet. I have been waiting for that but maybe I should just go ahead split the stem now. And from what you said 3 days of darkness should be good, right? I might have a week yet, it will be 70 days on next Monday.

I was pretty sure this was the site I read it on, but I can’t seem to find the article now.

I think its a blog post but there are numerous forum posts on the topic

here is the blog


Thanks Bob31, I copied the article. I just split my stem. Was a little scary but nothing to it really. The stem was much harder than I thought. I used my small jack knife to make the slit and then stuck my sharpened Popsicle stick right in there. Kind of fun actually. I’ll let it go until I can see some amber in my trichomes. Most of the pitolsrs are browned so it wont be long. I just recently got my jeweler’s eye piece so I am seeing the trichomes for the first time. Normally I would have harvested by now from the looks of the pistols but I think I might have been harvesting a little too soon. In any case I’m sure these buds will be good.


Im getting confused, I thought the pistols turned amber and the trichromes milky? I dont know, this is the first time ive grown, but i thought thats what ive read.

Pistils go from straight and white to curled and amber

Trichomes go from clear to cloudy to amber

You mainly want them to be cloudy


I grow Hydro so I dump all water from my reservoir at least 3 days before harvest

By the time i harvest stem, branches, and leaves are drooping from dehydration

…and resin is sparkling like crazy! Definitely a noticeable difference.


Thankyou for clearing that up for me

Thanks. Good info.

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