Stem collapsing?

First grow, outside. Seeded in peat pods. Variety of seed from a friend. Planted 16-seeds, all but two sprouted. Of the rest, most are doing good, however 3 are struggling… it looks like the stems are weak, collapsing? One actually fell over so I added supports with twist-ties. What might cause this? I’d hate to lose more… weather has been mid-high 80’s. Is it typically to lose a few along the way? Should I try replanting these three and burying the stem? Thanks for your input :blush:

You can try planting them deep, as you mentioned. Sometimes they just aren’t meant to live. Nature doesn’t coddle the weak.

Acknowledging that, they could be stretching for light. How much direct sun are they getting? If it’s filtered for part of the day, what’s the filter material? For the purpose of this discussion, indirect sun doesn’t count.

In addition to what was said above. :point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2:
Looks like some damping off as well.
Stem thins as it get closer to soil line.
Try watering less often. Plants like a wet to dry cycle so that roots don’t drown.


@Oldguy is right on. Damping off.


Damping off was also my answer… :+1::wink:


It doesn’t look like damping off to me, but best practices are best practices.

Thank you so much for the info! I replanted the three in question in new peat pods and hopefully that will help, if not, well, I tried!

I know I got a late start, but I was hoping I could still pull it off. My seedings are getting about 10-hrs of direct sunlight although it’s been quite hot.

I’ve been trying to learn as I go. After first watering, I did let the pods go dry but then that one plant fell over and I panicked thinking I waited too long and read something else saying as seedlings they needed more water so I gave them a drink, 1/2 oz each, then the next day, two other plants were looking weak, so I gave them a big drink, filling the bottom of the tray, pouring out excess, and another 1/2 oz each from the top down. That was two days ago, I’ll wait until the pods are dry before watering again. :crossed_fingers:t2: Thank you again!

Would you guys please take a look at my other post regarding ‘seedlings and vacation’, I would value your input, thanks again :blush: