Stem Boring Worms

First time growing and things have been going good until a few days ago…we had to go away for the weekend but when we got home and really inspected the plants that weren’t looking right…we found stem boring worms…FML…we are cutting into the stem and pulling out the worms, then spraying with hydrogen peroxide and taping up the cuts. Does anyone know if these plants will recover? Any input would be greatly appreciated :pray::slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to ILGM forum. I know that I’ve seen someone on forum that had similar. I can’t remember who,I’ll tag a couple of people that may be able to answer question. @MidwestGuy @BobbyDigital @Oldguy

Hi @Fisherch and welcome to the neighborhood, sounds like you have think they’re called boring worms but I’ve only seen em online and don’t know much about em. They’ll eat n poop inside your plants the bacteria starts growing and causes rot they’re pretty bad