Steelcase Storage Cabinet Stealth Grow Build

Hi - I am a beginning grower and have my second attempt in a tent going pretty well.

I want to get more tents but hubs is concerned about stealth so I bought a used Steelcase Storage Cabinet just like the pic, below, and I getting ready to use a hole saw to make the first hole (in the back) for the 6" exhaust.

My question is what should I use to cover up the hole since it is likely to cut into the ventilation hose - grommets? Rubber? Plastic?

I would appreciate any ideas or solutions you have!


If you can find 6” grommets that would be ideal. You can also use something like this wire loom. It’s nice and cheap. I’d get the smallest you can like 1/8”

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Run some duct tape around it


I thought that the rough metal might easily cut it, no?

Thanks - that might work. If I use a grommet - any idea of how thin I could go?

Something like this may work. You may have to use Vaseline around the inner lip to be able to feed the vent tube through

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How big is that cabinet? If it’s too small you’re not going to not like growing in it. You’re better off with a small tent purpose made for growing. 2x4 black in a closet even. They are not that that expensive and you will be much happier you did.

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Use a duct flange.


I was just about to say that!!! Have em at home depot or lowes for like 4 or 5 bucks a pop.


Thanks @Bobbydigital!

The cabinet is 24 x 40 x 60. My tent is 24 x 48 x 72 - so a whole foot taller which makes a difference but I need the stealth of the cabinet.

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Thanks @dbrn32!

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I like that! Thanks!