Stealth strains indoors and out


I’m looking for some mmj strains witch have ‘‘no bark but plenty of bite’’ lol… i have strawberry kush on my list already,but like most i love variety so any and all input will be appreciated…i love stinky,dank mmj as most of us do but in need something with low oder,or a sweet smell to throw off any prying sniffers that happen by.


Filter , filter , carbon filter… Lol
Never heard of mmj that don’t stink…:slight_smile::laughing:


yea @peachfuzz minimal stink would be fine…lol i have a green house in the works and don’t want spend a whole lot of $$$$$ on fans,filters and such. i have grow boxes inside which have these things and work great. i just love being outside where lights and air circulation is free the way it should be in my mind. i love that stinky winky,if it were just me here it would smell like a polecat sanctuary!!lol


@BIGE my only advice is to move somewhere where that is not an issue and you don’t have to worry… why stress when you don’t have to… why loose sleep when you don’t have to… don’t believe your bad just because other people say you are …LOL :laughing::grinning::smiling_imp:


My plants stink when outside last grow you smelt them for 30 yards away if wind blew In right direction
You’d smell them way before you’d see them lol
Maybe in a green house it would be better but ?
I know if I smelt something sweet and delicious :yum:
I would go sniffing around :smiling_imp: Lmao
Maybe a charcoal filter and exhaust fan will still be needed for a green house
Good luck with it @BIGE