Stealth strains for indoor growibg for a beginner

I am going to be growing in an entertainment center stealth cabinet in an apartment and am wondering strains would be best

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Welcome @Mackattack72 :v: I could give you a few answers but I will start with;
1.what are the dimensions of the grow area? you like indicas or sativa?
3.what is the layout of your apt? Is it a good area? How far is the next neighbors door? Where will the cab be in the apt? Does the cab have exhaust and filters etc.?

Northern Lights is one of the best for this. The smell is not as strong…usually.
I grew one in my office without any filters nor even a tent.
Nobody knew. But I could detect the mild skunky smell at times.
It was an auto to keep it small too.

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Welcome to ILGM. Awesome! There’s some pretty cool stealthy setups on here. I’m sure you’ll get some good pointers. Best advice is don’t tell anyone! Ran has some good questions. You will definitely want an exhaust fan/filter. People who don’t smoke can smell like birds can see, compared to us. And even the stealthiest weed is still gonna smell like weed, at least a little bit. Even if it’s legal to smoke, growing smells different and much stronger than smoking. Make sure you use good quality lighting so the cable guy doesn’t bust you. And don’t tell anyone. Don’t tell anyone, either. :v:

Edit: also, this stuff works great -

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Awesome, thank you so much for the info

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I’m going to use a cabinet that is about 5’ tall by 3’ wide by 1.5-2’ feet deep. The cabinet is going to be in my kitchen which is the farthest from my door without being in my bedroom. The nearest neighbors door is about 10-15’ from my door

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I got a full dry ounce, 28 grams, off of the one plant.
I waited too long to transplant and I also topped it too late.
SO even with those two flubs I still got a decent amount.
It was my first try and was on a 16" x 24" metal rack with reflective mylar surrounding it.
I really did not intend it to be a full grow, but as I was just testing out a few things I let it go to maturity. I had to move it around several times as people came to visit. Broke stems and tied them back. I really abused the poor girl. But the buds are quite good despite all my mismanagement.
This was the cart I used with center rack removed.

Just one of the lower buds…She was purdy


Awesome info, I am going to try my hand at growing NL af then NL fem

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I started the same way on my current project with a 3x2 greenhouse in my closet.

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Did you use any reflectives on your walls?

No I bought a cheap white poster board and put it in between the frame and greenhouse cover. My whole intention was to see what I could do with cheaper stuff and some diy

strongly suggest you get FEM’d seeds.

with you limited depth and vertical space…suggest you Auto’s that will be short indica or mostly indica seeds.

I would go with lowryder auto. They are a northern lights x Williams wonder. Super easy to grow and I think 10 are $89usd on ilgm.