Stealth, Preventing electrical usage spikes heat and smell

I want to do my first ever indoor grow. I planed to get full spectrum led lights for a grow tent with 6 plants. I have seen some for let that 100$ with good reviews so I was going to try them. What to you seasoned growers thing ab the cheaper full spec led lights? Do they cause big electrical spike/ heat visible from above?

If you’re talking about the amazon blurple panels. They don’t run as hot as cmh or hps, but they put out some heat.
They’ll use the power they pull. Usually around 20% of what they’re listed at. So a “1000w blurple” will only be pulling 200w-250w at the wall.
I think one can grow cannabis with them, but if the hobby continues for you everyone of them will be replaced by something better after a grow or two.


How large of a space do you want to light?


Everything is subjective. Lights are going to need power, and power consumption is going to go up while lights are on. Best you can do here is getting into something very efficient. You won’t find anything like that cheap on Amazon.


Welcome to the forum. I started with blurples and have transitioned to HLG lights. They are awesome, efficient for he wattage used, and run relatively cool. Good luck,

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