Stealth grow box scrog questions

I’m using a stealth grow box for now, until I get a new tent. It’s not the biggest box, but it’ll work for now. It measures 14 1/4" long by 7 1/4" deep, and 3ft tall. I’m thinkin about scroging in the box, but also thought about LST or mainlining. What do y’all think?

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what are you growing?

Sour diesel and a couple of bag seeds, not counting on those haha, mainly just going to be the sour diesel

Ive never grown diesel, but from what I can see she’s probably gonna have to be scrogged, mainlined or lst or the main is gonna be taller than your space. I think your space might be a tad too small, but you can deal with that as you go.

have you planted any seeds yet?

Yes, I know the space might be a tad bit small, but I should be owing to a bigger setup within the next month or so. Not all will.make it, only the strongest looking plants. The others are all bag seed and the one SD.

Sour Diesel is top in the middle

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you can keep topping them and keep them on the smaller side until you get your tent. No need to kill the babies… lol just 'cause they’re from the bottom of the bag dont mean they wont be good. How was the weed they were from?


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It was alright, just some homegrown from my old friend/plug haha. It was better than most you find around my area, but it’s just too damn expensive around here. I don’t feel like paying 400 an Oz and hinestly it wasn’t worth those proces. I would of slung it for 2 or 300 an Oz here because it’s good, but wasn’t top shelf and 3 to 400 an Oz here is top shelp around here. I us3d to get mind from colorado, had a connect that supplied dispensaries and his bud was top shelf, any strain you wanted I could get. I slug that for 400 an oz

I hear ya, that’s why most of us are here. Prices are just out of control. I’m legal here in MA but the only place to buy legally right now is still the dispensaries and the prices you mentioned are about the same. Street prices are a lot lower, but most of the stuff on the street isn’t all that good.

I know I can grow quality smoke and save a bundle doing it so why not.

When they open sales stores next year I guess we will see what happens.

Yeah, the street prices here aren’t bad, but most people here in OK don’t know what top shelp flower is. Haha to me there is no comparison between some homegrown reggie that’s “really great” and some blue dream or purple trainwreck that is some primo bud. I also thought about growin an gettin a good little stash, and under price and sell for 250 or 300 an Oz and still make plenty of profit and destroyin business, because my bud would be all top shelf for 100 less an Oz for worse product, you know haha

I hear ya

u need to fix up that “bomb as F@&k” as that is a violation of the tos. Just edit it to how I wrote it

yeah just grow some extra for your friends friends, lol. How are the laws in ok?

The laws down here in OK? Lmao does me yeti cup say anything about the laws? Haha

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lol, I was meaning is legalization being considered there. I was surprised that MA legalized. I’ve been to OK long time ago when I was in the service. Made a stop in Fort Sill and on to Sheppard AFB over in Tx back in the 90’s.

It’s going to get tight real fast in there
With one plant it would be tight lol
Good luck :+1:



Hawkeye that’s completely up to you . Only you know .
But about scroging No to small of an area

just my opinon


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yes @Hawkeye_diesel i’m glad to hear you will be getting a bigger space! you will run out of room quickly there!

@Hawkeye_diesel Dude you will love it here you will never have to spend another dime or deal with anybody’s crap I don’t think there is a bad seed to be bought on this site I’m just north of you and I understand exactly what you mean that you will be very happy with your turn out I definitely recommend a 10 or something depending on how much you plan on growing but everything I have grown and harvested has been killer and better than anything I’ve even bought in Colorado they can suck it because I can produce better product then they can sell don’t give me wrong but it’s nature’s most beautiful plant and what it will do outdoors will amaze you and the things you can do indoors with that will amaze you as well welcome to the forum to happy growing

        Good luck " hog "

@garrigan62, I just finished the net, what ya think? Haha


Not bad not bad at all…hell better then the one i put up a while back lol

Thanks @garrigan62, makes me feel like I didn’t just waste half a day lmao. Took forever because I had to take trellis netting an cut it to size each piece haha

I love everything that has to do with growing and learning about how this plant grows. I wish I could have a job where all I do is just grow, plant, and train bud. I hate that oklahoma sucks.