Stealing preflowers to smoke?

bad to steal low hanging bud sites with trichs to smoke? or will it hurt the plant?

Go ahead, just don’t take too many at one time to stress plant


Just depends. Just don’t hurt your plants. My brother and me were growing together years ago and every time he checked the plants and I wasn’t around he took some “small “ buds as he said. I didn’t mind because I had jars full and he didn’t because he was selling his cut. I used to love busting his balls about those little buds. I’d tell him how they would have grown into 1/4 pound colas and stuff like that. So if you’re growing with someone else I’d have them in on it so they don’t razz you a little bit. Lol

I trim off a majority of the popcorn buds as I go. Most of them go into the “trim” pile for edibles, but the closer I get to harvest I do “sample” a few.


its an autoflower too though?

Might be risking a hermi