Stay at home and grow alone

First time grower. I’ve tried to do all sorts of research and planning before hand. I saved some $$ and decided it was time. because of covid, my online purchases took ForEver to arrive, except, my seeds (40, 20 GDP, 20 gelato) came quickly and a success. So, here’s where I’m at…
I followed advice from ILGM & water germination on May 9th. I purchased Jiffy pots and planted 2 days later. (4 seeds didn’t show a tail coming out, but I planted in knowing patience) The first one that jumped out, I thought I could see roots and separating of soil, so I gently tried to push deeper in soil, and now it’s wanting to turn yellow leaves and windeling a slow growth…
speed up to now bore you, I bought a generic LED plant grow light and left on in my closet 24hr/day and placed 2-3" over the net pots for the 1st week. The net pots had a clear plastic lid, keeping the moisture in. I’d open and let some fresh air in daily and to observe. My Grow tent and LED Lights(1500 watt X2) came in. As the temperature is increasing, and if I have home visitors, I felt my basement was the best option for the Grow tent. I chose GDP and Gelato due to limited grow height and the therapeutic properties for my health conditions…
OK, distracted, here’s where I need help right now. I have 2 with yellowing leaves (they are at about 2" in height. I still don’t have 4 growing out of the 24 planted) but, I need to know when to Transfer from the net pots to the 2 gal. pots I’ve purchased. I realize Now that that’s not big enough for permanent, so I’ll have to get some 5 gal. buckets and transfer again, ugh, but, hopefully I can keep 24 plants under 1 LED light and not use both just yet… It’s been growing for 2 weeks now and most are looking good. Do I take a razor blade and slit the nest pot off when transplanting? Is it time to transplant, or should I wait? The ones not growing, should I open up the net pot and see if the seed is growing at all?
Let me just shut up and see if I can post pictures for your assistance…

Time for a transplant, don’t use any nutrients.
I recommend Fox Farms Ocean forest, or any of their products.
I also recommend more lighting for flowering. Those both will do fine for veg, but flowering you’ll need more.
Welcome to ILGM, where no question is a dumb one. We all started somewhere.

As they progress in growth, I would look into cloning, so you can get some experience. Makes growing more affordable.

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I am interested in cloning, but, being my 1st grow, I just need to focus on successful growing techniques and keep them going first. I’ve already purchased hopefully enough soil and some peat moss to help with aeration.
My grow tent is VIVOSUN 96"x48"x72", my grow lights are Exlenvce 1500W. X2. I feel that when they are larger, I will add the 2nd light and the 3000w. Should be enough for the size of the tent. These LED lights will do both Veg. & Flowering at the same time.

Is that 1500w actual draw? Or “equivalent”
Same with the 3000W. Willing to bet it’s less.

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I wouldnt put those seedlings in OF just yet. Id get them in happy frog for at least a couple weeks in solos before i went to OF.

【VEG & BLOOM Double Channel】The VEG channel utilizes a full spectrum of colors for germinating seedlings and young plants consuming 140W of power. The BLOOM channel implements more red wavelengths to simulate late summer and is most suited for plants in the flowering stage while consuming only 120W. VEG and BLOOM can be used together to encourage maximum growth performance from seedling to harvest. This light can replace a traditional 1500W HPS/MH lamp while consuming only 260W total
so, yes, much less in total useage…

sorry, I think that posted in the wrong place… OF? Happy Frog? sorry, new terminology for me…

OF Fox Farms Ocean Forest. @wrongway

They are most definitely not 1500 watts each, if they are and the OP plugs them into the same circuit a fuse will blow or a wire fire will happen! The max energy draw from a household outlet is 120 volts x 20 amps if the circuit is on a 20 amp breaker. Most are on a 15 amp breaker and some on a 10 amp. In any case, 2500 watts is a huge power draw ! 3000 is 2 separate circuits! Most if these blurple fixtures are brutally over advertized!
In addition my Fluence Spyder light is 450 watts max draw and its blinding bright! This fixture covers a 4x4 area completely! If you need 1500 watts of LED to do that its way too much!

As I started inspecting, I noticed that the roots Were already coming out of the net pots. I decided it was time to transplant… The 2 gal. pots were large enough that without raising the light, wouldn’t give enough light… Yes, they are on a independent 20A. breaker. Yes, I did daisy chain them. I will be watching them closely for awhile to make sure the multiple changes don’t hurt them…
I’m also deciding when I have to transplant again to even larger pot, I am content with the 19 out of 24 plants growing. In a 5 gal. bucket, they May not all fit under the light in this sized grow room…

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What make and model lights are those?
If I may ask, do you have other lights and a room big enough to grow all those plants?
Also net pots are plastic pots used with clay balls or lava rock in liquid hydro setups, I believe you are referring to peat pots right?


But seriously, Im trying to be helpful here… the light power used is a big deal, not because of their ability to grow pot but because you want to know how much electrical headroom you have on a given circuit. You may need a fan, humidifier or de humidifier? Possibly a way to reduce heat buildup? All if these things require power. Ifbyour light is only drawing 350 watts from the wall thats a bonus right? Chances are thats closer to what they actually draw. Many blurple lights are advertized as 1000w fixtures and in small print say 350 watt. Now as for the amount of plants you have there, at best those lights might grow 4 plants total.

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@wrongway. @Cannabian is giving solid advice on the lights.

We can make this work if we do it right!

If I got the make and model of the light fixtures Id be happy to research the output for the OP. Id want the actual numbers for the reasons I stated above. I used the same logic for my room, I can run it on one circuit!

sorry, I’m new to this as well…
My grow tent is VIVOSUN 96"x48"x72", my grow lights are Exlenvce 1500W. X2. I feel that when they are larger, I will add the 2nd light and the 3000w. Should be enough for the size of the tent. These LED lights will do both Veg. & Flowering at the same time.

update, sorry I was capped on replies yesterday, I will send the link to Amazon where I purchased them from…

That’s what they were talking about earlier. That’s actually a 155w light. Or as they say “equivalent to 1500w”.

correct, I am aware that it isn’t truly 3000w. running or I may be worried. As of right now, being in the basement, I Believe, the Only thing on that circuit is my sump pump (which Hopefully Never has to run) It as of now is also on a power strip, which has a trip on it as well. I have both lights now running since I changed to the 2 gal. pots, a rotating fan (which I’m looking to add more soon) and my original mini led 40w grow light, only installed if I need to go in during my 18/6 cycle is in the dark. IF I need more light, I Can daisy chain 1 more, or go another route. I think that my Circuit box will allow another line, and I am not afraid of adding if necessary, especially since the grow tent is very close to the breaker box…

You should be fine. Each one of those lights are only pulling around 2 amps each.

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