Starting week 9 flower‐see pics, are these done?

Starting week 9 flower, theae are close but are they ready ? This bubble gum strain is suseptable to bud rot which i lost my last grow to by waiting to long dont wanna blow this. Buds are a little smaller this time but more of them, ypu cant tell in the photos butbthey glisten in the sun, but the trichs are milky but dont appear to be starting to turn
amber yet


Beautiful, :+1:

I like to take mine when all cloudy with very little amber. This is my Zkittlez auto bud


Looking great! Do you have a jewlers loop or USB microscope? Its the only way to see close enough to tell if your done

Lookin good I’m not seeing much amber with my bare eyes so I’d give them 1 more week but you should use a loupe for confirmation

Yes , I do, I have a loop, but I really cant tell, as a noob, I need to see it on my plants. They look similar to photos of others ive seen , but not same. Ive never seen “ready trichs” in person before. I lost my last grow to mold. I as looking in the loop last time around when i found the mold, so ive never seen plants that are ready in person. ill try to get more steady pics , was using a cellphone magnifier app and guess my hands were a lil shaky

So is this photo you sent, is this showing plants that are ready or need a little more time ?

That is when I chop. It’s all a matter of personal preference. It’s just a guideline for me
When I see these starting to turn amber. I flush and chop.


Yes, i Have a loop, but Ive never seen ready plants in person. Ill take more pics in the morning and re-respond.Thanks !

Thank you

Sandrums, just beautiful! I would wait, just a bit, awesome job! Just a bit longer for the tri combs to turn an amber color for me, I’m waiting for my Runtz so I can have some new wax. :laughing:. That is just my opinion. I use a 10x magnifying glasses

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Here’s about the best I can do holding a loupe, shaking, and trying to take a pic. But here is the plant. And this is the color I have.

Like I said it’s all about personal preference. But it gives ya an idea of the color to look for


Woodrow, nice I see your almost ready as well,

I can’t remember who but someone here told me to pick a Calyx and put it on a black surface for closer inspection and its worked our great




If that was mine I would be going for maximum yield and wouldn’t pull until there was no white pistils left and the nugs are hardball. That has potential. Good job @Woodrow


This is my first successful grow to harvest where I am looking at the trichs. I snapped these today, they look close.


BigCat420, man that picture is going to help out a lot of people that grow marijuana medicine. On this site, Awesome job.

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Sandrums, those pics look great, :+1: nice job

You can chop now if you like or take it longer

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Just trying to help out anyone I can. Kinda seems like the motto here we are all trying to succeed and want to help each other and see each other prosper


I start just giving them good water week 7 with a little carbs when u milky ur flushed no more water cut the light 48 hrs

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