Starting week 7 any suggestions ? And one question Bruce Banner

I have a cheap 9000 Lm (advertised rating ) led grow light that has got me to this point and I have ran it in the Veg setting (blue light group ) 18/6 I switched to run in the bloom setting (red light) this week at 12/12 on timer . Is this ok? This is my first grow and will be making a quality light purchase for future grows.

I would turn on both switches (veg and bloom) until you can get a better light.

How far is the light from the plant and what brand is the light?

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Slaouwo (amazon) 100 leds 14 bule/54 red/26 warm white/6white 16’’ above running out of height space.

I use Wakyme 1200w led

Looks like that is the suggested way to use this light.

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I suggest you lollipop that plant. Your light isn’t super great so it’s likely all the buds that form on the lower at least 1/3 of the plant will be larfy so removing them will give more energy to the buds closest to the light allowing them to grow larger and denser. It will look something like this, although this looks a lil extreme it’s a great example.

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