Starting week 2 flower, 3rd grow

So I stripped these ladies completely and flipped to 13/11 using a far red initiator. After 7 days in week 1 look at all the veg growth already and bud sites! 5 gal fiber pots, watering every 3 days to tun off then to dry


Looking nice. Do u defol during dlower day 32 and day 42 also?? Good times to strip it down also.

No, I have never defoloated like this, I stripped some leaves off to thin out the middle. I was aware of a defoliate again at day 21, but not the days you indicated, could you explain a little further, is that like the lolly popping thing where once buds are formed, you stip all/most the leaves ? Please explain.

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Not sure if all that is new growth it looks alil pale

Stuff at the top is old, underneath and in middle much darker green

It does looks pale .

Hi Mark, im followimg yo on your comment about defoliating again at flowering day 32, well today’s the day., heres a pick of the ladies enclosed. I have looked around on you tube etc but haven’t successfully found a vid on how to defoliate at day 32 or 42. Can you or anyone else explain or provide a vid link that shows what to be done instead of just the before and after shots that dont explain what needs to be done. Need some help please.