Starting up beginner style


I start my seedlings under a 120w (actual) chinese led. I don’t use the quantums until they get transplanted and moved to the 4x4 tent.


I know i sound repetitive, But thanks for all the info, and a respectful shout out to all the expats on these days.
Ok @blackthumbbetty @dbrn32 @SilentHippie @DoobieNoobie can a external fan controller be fitted to the HGL lights to make it easier than the screw driver?

Thanks everyone for everything.


No the type of driver that can be dimmed externally has extra leads and requires a specific dimmer.


I agree, a series dimming doesn’t work that way. You could probably extend wiring a little to mount driver in a place that’s easier to get to though

Hlg 550 is a big light for seedlings, I’d run it high if you do that.


The 320 was almost too much for seedlings. :grinning:. Had to set it at 100w, 28" above. Definitely efficient.


Ok @blackthumbbetty @dbrn32 @SilentHippie @DoobieNoobie got the seedlings under the VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 300W its drawing around the 120w now i watch and wait and adjust the height of the light accordingly.

Thanks everyone, give someone a hug and make the day brighter.


Good to hear. And we love pictures around here.




hello @dbrn32
Would these figures be ok for seedlings? Philips GreenUp High Bay LED
160 W
20,000 lm
20,000 lm x 95% x 100%
= 19,000 lumens



Looks like they’re off to a good start. You’ll want to transplant up to a bigger pot pretty soon.


Yes was thinking same a day or so ago, undecided on just the plastic 5 gallon or same in Fabric grow bags.


I would highly suggest the fabric. They drain better and help the soil dry out faster which will help if you over water a little.


Great as i have both, i tagged you in on another subject so you know the history of the seeds used, i noticed that some growers using the fabric pots have had the roots growing through the fabric!

thanks for the confirmation.


Yeah I saw. Figured easier to keep your answers in one spot if possible. It’ll help to find them in the future when you start another grow your journal can act like a refresher course to remind you what happened at what stage of the grow.


What is cct? Seems like kind of a big light for seedlings.


Hello @dbrn32
was hoping you would do me a big favour and recommend some kits from the Cutter site in Australia which are equivalent to the HLG 550v2 or anything that would cover a 4x4 or 5x5, i have seen that you have mentioned the Cutter site before and have said good things about them, even the cob setups they have or the solskins etc,
Any help would be appreciated, if it was your choice on the Cutter site what would be your preferences?

thanks mate


Depends on how wild you want to get. I’m not super familiar with new website design there yet though sorry. He definitely has stuff for both a 4x4 or 5x5, but you would need to know which. 16 square feet vs 25 square feet pretty big difference in terms of lighting. They have cob kits for pre determined areas. The sol skins and strips are customizable to any size space.

It looks like they have v3 nichia in 288 count boards, that should be direct competitor with hlg v2 288. So probably 4 boards per 4x4 or 6 boards per 5x5. You’d have to check with Mark though on operating voltage and current data, i didn’t see it listed. Also, he should be able to give you info on heatsink material to use.


Yes i mentioned both sizes as i may get another tent size in the future, and if the watts are adjustable could adjust accordingly, just was after an opinion and if they are comparible to the quantum boards, how do the cobs compare to the quantum boards or am i splitting hairs? ATM i am just running a Meitzi 600 watt “260 watt” at the wall over three plants.

thanks again


Hello @DoobieNoobie Transplanted


Beautiful! They’ll be happy in their new homes.