Starting/transplanting into final pot outdoor

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Multiple questions in here in bold.

So I am a first time marijuana grower and plan on starting my White Widow autos under a grow light in these pots until they get big enough to transplant in 5 gallon buckets. Once big enough I will transplant outside when the weather gets consistently warmer. 51mPL8vAVoL

I do believe 5 gallon buckets will be big enough right?

I plan to start the seeds with this Coast of Maine seed starter

and then once i transfer them into the final buckets use this coast of maine potting soil


will this process (going from seed starter to potting soil) produce healthy plants?

Will i need additional nutrients?

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Im on the same ship as you so I will be following this post. However my plants are indoor and are about 3/4 week old clones and I’m wondering when I should repot, I can currently see roots at the bottom of the pot they are currently in. I am also using a 5 gallon geo pot and heard somewhere about it being like 2 ft per each gallon (I think).


Ive also heard that but i just transplanted my girls directly in the soil my tallest plant is only 7 inches tall but wide as all hell at something around ten inches in growth not including fan leaves and they were just about root bound now dont qoute me because i am a beginner also just sharing my experience best of luck to both of yall


Also they were in one gallon plastic pots


Hey @AlmightyHAM…if your seeing roots in the bottom it’s time to repot into something bigger…

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And yes your gonna need additional nutes…there are a ton of options out there…I would do a lot of reading and on here there is a ton of experience for you…good luck

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regardless of the nutes, do these soils seem good to you?

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@amosmoses…I don’t have any experience with these soils…but think I’ll do some reading up on em

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Well I’ll say this much about it, it has a lot of good stuff in in! It should be some great soil…and it’s hard to find any with 100% positive reviews! @amosmoses…I would run with it…but buy some good nutes…fox farms, advanced, nectar for the gods, so so many good ones out there you really just need to see what your expectations are and what your looking to achieve…best of luck

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Thank you very much for looking into that!!!

can you check out my thread on nutes?

I want to know what npk to get for an autoflower basically