Starting to turn yellow

Hey everyone
I put my girls into max veg 2 days ago and they are turning yellow and it’s all over the plants
I have never done a small grow before so this is new lol and bin a few years since I have done this
I have 1000w hanging light 6x7 room and 8’tall
My res stays cool but not to cool.

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Any ideas on what this is buddy gave me seeds and this one came out lol

Nice set of males you got there!! Save them for pollen or take em down and start over!


get rid if you only want the good stuff

I thought it was a male to but they turn into stems and leafs man lol it’s only month and a half old lol
But they aren’t balls lol
If you look they are turning into leafs not balls lol
And I only have the one that looks like that
All the rest look normal!!

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Those are pollen sacks homie


Female plants have white pistels at the node split. These balls are the pollen smacks. Separate the plants if you don’t want seeds the minute they open pollen will flow!!


Thanks brother he is going into my seeding room I guess lol
What about my yellowing on the leafs? For my girls I only have that 1 that looks like that. And he is out now!!

For the yellowing check your ph it’s probably off . If you are in dirt the ph is higher about 6.0

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Water only man never soil lol

Ahhhhh males

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I suggest you cover those with plastic bags and gently remove them or you could get pollen everywhere. I’d also thoroughly wash down your tent to make sure there isn’t any pollen that could affect future plants as well :v::bear:


Only 1 male and got him out but since then one of my girls are going yellow and a little brown on some top leafs
Any suggestions??
My PH is 6.0 to 6.2 water only no dirt
Temp is about 74F
Humidity 60%
Not sure what’s going on for only 1 to be affected??

Not sure what’s going on but turning a yellow brown
Ideas please?