Starting to train the lady

decided to start training the little lady , so she is all pinned down, for now , .t


Is this going to be NSFW? :laughing:


It will,lol

Looks great @Coltfire. Very nice training. Keen to watch her blossom.

whats NSFW?

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How many branches are on that plant already, how and when did you do that, I’m very interested in trying this on next grow.
Thinking about buying Crystal, they said good for scrog grow, and I should have Gold leaf coming soon also.
Thanks <*)))><{

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well not sure where @Paranorman is from , but here where I am its New South F***ing wales


there are 7 main branches on it I have pinned, and I did it the day I posted this. I gently pulled them down and pinned about a quarter the way down the branch, and an hour later I went back and push them some more and put a second pin down as far as could get it, I did split the top two branches slightly by accident ,but very quickly grabbed the plumbers tape and taped it back up and it is healing quite well at that point.

NSFW means ‘Not Suitable For Work’

I’ve been told it’s a designate on many porn sites, I was making a joke re: your “pinned-down” girls reference


I was wondering if you fimmed it to get that many branches so soon

Thats Too fu@#ing funny

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No I didn’t ,its the strain

Thinking about buying Crystal, hope that branches similar, never did a Fim
or any training yet, def. on next grow. Thanks <*)))><{

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update pic of training


Some more pics,she is starting to look good.


Looking bloody awsome mate. Great job there.

@number1fan,thanks I was putting more up today,but found I can no longer put pics up on phone ,so will send them to laptop and put up tomorrow

I need to take photo. Than go on to this page. Press upload. Go documents and find the pic. I cant take pic n send on phone.

@number1fan, here are the updated pics, of this one and a couple others I have going atm,


in the pic of the 3 of them from left to right we have , incredible bulk fem, Lsd 25 auto ,which is in flower, and last is afghan regular