Starting to harvest

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are all doing well. I’m about the harvest my first plant and I remember somebody mentioning that I would have to do a peroxide wash after using some pest control sprays but that was after a few people chimed in with a bunch of different suggestions. The only one I used was Capt Bills, which did a great job. I was under the assumption because the product says it’s non-toxic and I could use it up to harvest and the same was mentioned by a few of you guys. So I thought no type of wash was necessary but I’m just double checking.
Thanks again for all the knowledge and support you guys have given me

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Where’s the pics

ALL outside grows should get washed, even my indoor grow i run under the shower for a couple of seconds to wash off any dust or hair that on it


I wash all grows now. It just makes sense, and it makes the buds look so much better, not to mention what you see in the water can be amazing. I use a 1/4 cup baking soda, and a 1/4 cup lemon juice, then plain water for rinsing.

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Do you any birds around?
This is the wash I use.

spliffseedsDOTnl /harvesting-cannabis-with-bugs-or-mildew/


A couple questions-What ratio’s should I use for a 5 gallon bucket and should I do a wash before and after the trimming?

She’s the first one I’ll be harvesting


if mold is present or of concern use higher concentrations

The stuff I discard, fan leaves etc, are removed first and tossed, the rest is washed once.

I had some bud rot in this crop of purple haze so I broke the large stems down to indiv. buds to wash and dry.
I used double strength mix
I let them drip in a bucket for a while before hanging to dry

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Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it

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