Starting to get some Mold on soil

Hello everyone I’m new to all this I’ve got a grow going on in soil I’ve got them under 2 led lights ones a 600 watt and the other I’m not to sure on but I’ve had bits off Mold on top off the soil it’s not on all of them is that because there’s to much moisture in my tent would be greatful for any help with this I will ry get some pictures of them thanks in advance, mark

You need to get some air moving in there you need a couple small fans for inside and you need an inline fan don’t water is often either let the soil dry out more


Thank you I’m getting a in line fan this week with carbon filler will I need one to pull air into the tent. Thanks

Use your exhaust fan to exhaust out the top through the carbon filter open a hole in the bottom of a tent will pull fresh air in. Adjust your variable speed on your exhaust fan to keep a good negative pressure I agree with hornhead got to get some air moving. good luck

Thanks ever so much I’ve been reading quite a few topics on here and I must say I’m proper impressed just how much help you can actually get from here this has got to be the best forum going.


Yep Yep, I agree with all the others! First have to get air flowing, then check where you are at. If still to much humidity, Humidifier?

Do I need speed controllers on both fans to be able to adjust both air flows, and which one would need to pulling most air in or out of my tent.

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You need to see the sides of your tent pull in more air going out than in

Thanks perry2 I’ll make sure I get it set up this week then il post some pictures of it set up thanks again to everyone.