Starting to flower

I’m so dam excited they are almost there


Keep up the good work!

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I’m so ready to see the buds grow now

I get the same feeling every time. It never gets old. Just me.

It looks like they are going to stretch quite a bit on you. If you are going to address that, the time is now.



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It is a cross monster og kush

Oh my, words out of my mouth.


@Dsp3 I agree on the stretching. Do you plan on topping or trying the top?

Super crop that B


Its torture for sure! But I kinda like it… hahaha!
I’m only weeks away from finishing my first and I swear my actual children seemed like they grew faster!

Looking great!!

No topping they are autos thanks for the compliments. And yes I do agree kids grow faster lol

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Feminizing one of them so I can keep her going that one will be going to her new home probably tomorrow

Autos are usually feminized already… are they from ilgm?

No my freind has the mother to it im loving this strain though

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Ahhhh, nice work sir

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The mother

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She’s a beauty!

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She just wants to give those lights a :kiss:

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I know right lol