Starting to flower... Blue berry and Gold Leaf... Guava Cake amd Jungle Cake from seeds laying around

Great start thanks ILGM. Great company and good fun. A few seeds didnt sprout thank again for taking care of me above and beyond.


they are looking great


Looking spectacular

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Looking good

That must be a tall tent because they’re going to be really tall at full maturity.

Its 60 inches and yeah im crappin my pants on the height of these. With other ones i was able to gauge their height but these grow fast.

You should super crop

I take them down under the net when they get about 6 inches from the light. Seems to be a weekly thing u think lower? My other plants jungle and guava cake grow about 6 inches when they start flower then fill out kinda dwarf type. Im hoping these grow 1ft taller after the leaves start trichomes. Im assuming im wrong after these responses.

I vacuum out the fishshit from my aquarium rocks they grow real fast watering with that. I had a dying hibiscus tested the water on that it came back and grew a flower so its was a no brainer. I would’ve never thought id have a grow too much problem. Great seeds man. Heres the guava cake… Seed

from random source no fish shit water with this tho.