Starting to dabble in SCROG

So I recently decided to try my hand at a SCROG grow. I decided to make my own screen and frame to support it. The frame that supports the net is made out of 1 1/4 schedule 40 pvc and the frame for the net is made out of the pvc as well. I took the pvc and used a drill press to put holes every 3 inches to make my grid for my 3x3 inch screen squares in my 4x4 ft tent as it was my first SCROG grow I didn’t want to few or to many squares to fill. I also ended up using 550 paracord for the netting that I wove through the holes in the pvc and then through each other. I have a pully at each corner on the net so that if needed I can tighten my net if it loosens throughout the grow.

For this grow I have my net suspended from a frame that I built out of schedule 40 pvc. I wanted a set up that would be easily adjustable in height from one grow to another or incase I set the height wrong at first as this was my first grow and a net I could suspend from pullies etc… sounded good to a first time SCROG grower… right now the front of the net is suspended by an adjustable chain and the back is attached to paracord I can more easily adjust from the front. I have a large amount of locking pullies coming in this week to put in at every corner to suspend the net just to give you an idea of what it should be like.
And now for the net actually over the girls… I have 2 powerplant photos in my tent now. They are probably alittle bigger than they should be at this point but honestly like I said its my first SCROG grow and I was just able to put everything together and finally get my net in place. It was a big project for me but a very fun one. I’m already looking forward to making my next net and set up… Theres both girls right after the net went in with some growing ends already poking up through the net that is 10 inches above the base of the plant. and then starting to barely tuck some tips of the healthier of the two plants. and then moving some of the branches of the other plant having to use alittle bit of canna-tie to help it stay. And now here is a look under into the less healthy plant as you can see there is going to be some trimming to do on this plant soon but not to much… however, the healthier girl, she is a forest through the whole thing. I figure I’m gunna get at least a few clones off of her and have a lot of trimming ahead of me but if there are people with more experience with this type of grow who have a better idea of just how much of her I need to get rid of just before flipping the lights I always like hearing from other growers with lots of experience ( I feel that really is how we learn best)
So to wrap it up for right now cause I’m sure I’ll have more to say later I do have a few observations on the SCROG grow so far. I feel like I can really already see what the benefits in flower are going to be as long as I can keep these huge girls tamed under my net (like I said I’m pretty sure they are a bit further along in veg than people may usually have them when they first put the net in but maybe people with more SCROG experience can weigh in on that) and where I have lots of LST experience I think I can do that and fill up the majority of this net hopefully. But in the few days I’ve had my net installed I noticed that I have a more difficult time trimming any damaged leaves under the net or trying to water the plant around the whole pot instead of just in one area which is something I used to do all the time. I do tend to take the sides of my tent off to take care of my plants I just need to clear more space in my grow room to make it easier to do so. I found I was bumping the net and the frame every once in awhile which I had to get used to not doing but because I had decided to suspend it from a frame the net would sway. My solution to that was to use velcro strips around each corner of the net and connecting them to the corner of the frame… One strip holding each corner seemed to do the trick really reinforcing and holding the net in place even if there was a small bump. My bad back is basically what makes it hard to get under the net and maneuver very low but I think I’m gunna find ways to make that easier as well and when it gets to the point where I’m working above the net I should be pretty golden. If anyone has any advice for this kind of grow I’d really appreciate it.


It looks really good to me.I Scrog a lot and your setup is great.

Id personally defoliate before netting her thats a hell of a bush haha