Starting their color change!


Okay, I’ve been waiting for this!
My Granddaddy Purples are finally starting their color changes.

It’s about two weeks to harvest…
And I’ve started dropping the temperature at night to 62*.
After doing this for two or three nights, I’m starting to see the purple color changes.
Yes I know… the picture was taken under HPS.
But you can still see the color starting to change.

Can’t wait to harvest these puppies!


What strain is that?



It’s Granddaddy Purple.
I scored 20 of those beans from a friend of mine.


those girls are looking great @Traumamedic! i love seeing different colors like that!


I love the blue, pink, red, and all the colors start showing up. I love the purple and pink colors the best. I ordered some strawberry kush and need to read up on how the color changes. She’s it have to be cooler for the colors to showup?



Yes… The last couple weeks before Harvest drop your night time temperatures I usually do 60 to 62 degrees.
That seems to work well, and doesn’t seem to bother the plants.


Appropriate it brother



My next grow, my babies are waiting in line for their spot on the table here.
Is going to be Blackwater’s, and Pac-Man.


i really want to give shaman a go! it is a purple strain that grows well outside.