Starting the clock?

I’m new to the forum, grew a very long time ago and started again this year. First time with an autoflower and am likely to have lots of questions. Not that is matters too much but when do you start the clock on your crop? I started with sprouting the seeds on the 11th, two days later they were all sprouted and planted in growing medium on the 13th. Two more days later all had broken the surface of the dirt and were showing green, that would be the 15th. I was calling the 15th their birthday, which date do you guys use? By the way, as of this morning all the plants are doing super good!

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Being autos they should start fllwering about 28 to 35ish days area some more some less. But generally about a month vegging then she starts flower. Some are stubblrn and need a kick be gentle on nutes woth thm a good cannabis criendly soil shojld have enoigh nutes in it for 3 to 6 weeks aithout any feeding but phd water or ro or distilled dont have to be phd if plain water it will.take on the soil s ph good luck

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I start the day they break ground

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Same here but in the end a day or three difference doesn’t matter. You’re gonna harvest based on preference and trichome maturity


I don’t start any clock per se. I start keeping track of weeks once they start flowering. Veg time doesn’t really matter. It’s the flowering time where you count your 8,10,12 weeks. Even then the plants will finish at their own pace regardless of estimated harvest time for the strain.