Starting soon! Look for me!


Hey guys and gals - I just wanted to let everyone know I split a 10+10 white widow deal with my coworker - and they just arrived. Its only been a little over a week! They shipped last Monday and arrived today (Tuesday) cant wait to start my first grow! You’ll be hearing a lot from me soon!


Nice! My last order was a little over month from day transaction showed up on my account. Could’ve been worse, didn’t get empty package with letter.


I may or may not have an order on the way for a test run :yum:


You know, I haven’t heard of anyone getting a confiscation letter in quite awhile? Have you? @dbrn32


Plan on starting a grow journal. It’s a great way to share and get advise.


None here. Friend got one about 2 weeks prior to my order arriving, that’s only one I’m aware of in past year.

It seems like items going through customs at Chicago poe are a little more heavily scrutinized here lately. But plenty still making it through as well.


I got one about two months ago they’re so much fun to get !!! Not There have been a few this year that I’m aware of all you need to do is email I LGM if it happens and send them a copy but usually no issues


Sorry guys Foxone is suspended and likely won’t be poluting threads in future


Welcome to the rollercoaster! This forum is a great place to get help in growing as everyone wants a great grow! If you want to ask a specific person a question put an @ then members list will pop up. Lots of ups & downs, never think you can coast. Good luck & Happy Growing :herb:


My question is “what is your agenda?” It seems to be about growing marijuana.


Growing helping others grow and learn in a positive and constructive environment. If you are curious to the above comment I occasionally have to moderate too :wink: and insulting members and staff usually has some consequence I do my best to keep members feeling comfortable and relaxed without feeling judged or abused by other members


Thank you. This is why I love this forum and it’s members. I’m sure we’ve all been to the other, less moderated, forums and you have to wade through countless arguments and insults to get the information you’re looking for. Keep up the good work. :v:


I was on two other forums for quite some time and left both for those exact reasons. I joined here and another after that. The other is more of the same, and I don’t frequent there much. This one seems maybe over managed at times, but it’s not hard to see why.


You ain’t kidding dude! Some of the forums out there can be downright nasty. Especially if they think you’re asking a “stupid” question. Coming from an engineering background, I learned the only stupid question is the one not asked.


Mine may have or have not shown up in 7 days from order.


@Daddy I’m not sure I understand your question?


Sorry not a question, a statement about my seeds from ILGM.