Starting sew early for replanting in spring?

I will be growing white widow fem outside in the spring, Memorial Day. The 5 seeds will be started in the house under lights, how far ahead should I start these? I’m not sure how far ahead, how much light they should get under my lamps.

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Roughly a couple months in advance to get them a head start for outdoors, and how much light they will get depends on space a 3x3 a 250 watt bulb should work well. If a 4x4 space than atleast maybe a 400 watt

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Thank you! Forgot to ask about growing time for white widow to harvest, they will get lots of sun.

If your starting indoors for out doors is not like people are saying ive been doing outdoor grows with starting indoors for 25 years. You would be better as soon as it goes in to a bigger pot the first time it needs to go out doors. If you want more then 30 days after germ. You have a indoor plant. In the seed stage out door is very important. Are you gonna put her in the ground?

Yes, the plants will go directly in ground.

Youre definetley gonna like them seeds, I grew them last summer outdoors directly in soil, I’m not sure what you want to do with them (pruning) topping etc., But I can tell you they Will grow Big if you want them to by doing very little and using quality organic nutes and pesticides. Also by digging your hole large ( at least ) 2 Ft. x 18in. deep and Larger and using a good soil and perlite mix, your plants will get Big. Let me know if you have questions, you have lots of time to get things ready and study for your grow.

What are organic nukes and what kind of pesticides do you use. How often do you spray them with pesticides or is it something you put in the water? I’m a granny, grew a couple of plants last year for migraine headaches, didn’t have much luck with them. Not enough to sun, had to hide from neighbors.

Organic nutrrients are exactly what they are Organic, and there are lots to choose from , some of the simple ones I use are ;
Alaska Fish fertilizer 5-1-1, Earth Juice Rooters Mycorrhizae, and Earth Juice Rainbow mix bloom, Sea Kelp,bat guano, faether meal, Iguana Juice Bloom, and other supplements such as Cal / Mag. There are so many, stay away from Miracle grow supplements , they are Not geared for Cannabis, think Natural.
Also I had great results with Garden Safe Fungicide 3 , all organic fungicide, insecticide and miticide. This I sprayed on the plants as soon as they went outdoors and used every 2-3 days at first then every3 -5 days after. I sprayed this on torwards the evening so as not to burn the leaves during the day, a little goes a long way. I found this spray at Lowes, but many places have this type of insecticide.
Some people swear by Fox Farms Trio for soil, this you can get on ebay for $30,(cannabis fertilizer)
Start looking and comparing, you Don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on nutrients. Let me know what you think, we"ll get you through this, promise, and you"ll have your Best grow yet !!

I ordered Green Cleaner Mite and egg killer this morning, someone on this site recommended it. I didn’t know you should spray them that often, thank you very much for that tip. Next year my plants will be down in a secluded area, lots of deer in there. I’ll probably have to fence the plants in unless you know of a spray to put on the plants so the deer won’t eat them.

Well Bobbi, here goes, and youre gonna hear it from A lot of growers here, your own urine, yup, that’s it put it in a spray bottle and spray it around and near your plants, Deer don’t like us and they sure don’t like our pee neither
I cut mine about 1/3 with water in a 16 oz.spray bottle, and spray it all over the area., sorry to be gross but it works and is cheap. ps, the morning stuff is stronger.

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Okie dokie, will do. I was afraid of putting a fence around them because of a medical helicopter flying over the swamp and I didn’t want to draw attention to them. We feed 11-12 deer in the winter time, they come several times a day and it’s illegal to hunt in this area so lots of deer.
Thank you so much for telling me about this inexpensive way of keeping the deer away.