Starting seeds and nothing is happening!

Hi !! So I started my seeds that o just got and it has been over 72 hrs and nothing is happening !! Help**


When you say started what do you mean ? You out them in water ? You doing paper towel method ? Or just put in ground ? Or what ?


Yes, we need to know what method you’re using

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What method are u using to germinate ur seeds .Are you using the paper towel method into a zip lock bag .the way i do mine and i have great results is you get make up removel pads just the plain cotton ones i spray the pad i put my seed i put another pad on top and i spray it with water place on a plate cover with glad wrap or plastic wrap with in 24-30 hours ur seeds will pop

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This is the method I’ve used with good success…

Maintain a warm, damp area throughout.

  1. Drop seed in medicine cup with 10ml distilled water and 3 or 4 drops of 3% peroxide.
  2. Wait 18 hours or until the seeds crack and begins growing a tail, whichever is first, then transfer to a paper towel on a plate.
  3. Fold paper towel one time and dampen with distilled water (you can dump the water you soaked with on it).
  4. Wait another 18 hours, or until a tail is at least 1/4 of an inch, whichever is first, then to the medium.

36 hours tops. I’ve had 100% success with ILGM seeds this way. Others may use different methods that work just as well, if not a little better, but this is just what I’ve used. Good luck!


Hi thank you I will try this right now

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I put them in a bowl with water

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Here’s a very informative thread with a few different methods for starting seed.

Def worth a read. :wink:



Also patience my friend. I personally have cut out germinating and just plant my seed directly in the medium. Fastest I’ve had them pop above ground is 3 days but usually 4-6 tops.


Good luck and feel free to tag anyone at anytime for help

while in a bowel make sure you have tempature around 75-80 cold weather henders germination. While its on a saucer and paper towel with baggie keep on a wifi or modem.

Yep patience and marijuana jarred up for the next 12 weeks. I am starting to skip 2 transplants myself. Dang you stress them out doing that.

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Yeah I don’t transplant or germinate. Just pop seed right in 5gal forever home and give few cap fulls of water over the area daily and couple days later BOOMB :boom: