Starting seed questions

This will be my third grow. I am starting LSD Fem. My question is, I started my seeds by soaking in tap water for 20 hrs. One of the seed cracked open. From there they went directly into light warrior seed starting mix. I have a little 3ft X3ft closet that I’m using as my grow room. The light that I’m using is a 125W 6400K CFL with a hood. The seeds are in 4 in X 4in pots. The light is 8 in above the top of the pots The recommended height is 6-12 in. They are in a tray with a hood. The temp inside the tray can get into the lower 80’s F with the humidity around 72%. Is that OK. Next question, The soil should be kept moist at all times. Yes ? What about overnight? What should the light schedule be? Lights on all the time? Lights off? Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. I live the upper Midwest in a legal state. Hopefully they will go outdoors in my back yard. Thanks in advance.

18/6 is a good schedule. Low 80’s and 70% is perfect.

Everything sounds good