Starting seed outdoors Virginia

Just got seeds.After soaking can I plant direct into 1 gal fiber outdoors?

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Yes you can, You can also wait until the plant has increased in size. This way you can easily manage the plant in the first weeks of it’s life.

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Virginia plants, started inside. Transplanted at two weeks, moved outside at three weeks. LSD auto and Lemon auto


Did you use grow lights inside or simply by a window?

At what point do you transplant the seedlings from being started indoors to move outside into the ground?

I had them under a flourescent grow light.

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I moved them outside at three weeks starting at a couple hours a day and increasing daily.

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A month or better. Usually two months. I plant my pots into pots. No stress on the plant that way.


Are these autos or photos? If they are autos you may want to plant them in their final pots, something like a 5-10 gallon. you can also start autos in a solo and pot up to final pot, most just prefer straight to final pots so they don’t stress the autos. I usually start photos in solo cups and pot up as needed. If your putting them outside right away full sunlight will probably be to much for them, may want to keep them more in the shade at first. Seedlings don’t require much light, you can even grow them under cfl bulbs, or a fluorescent bulb, this will give you a better chance as they would have a stronger root structure by the time you put them outside.

Long time lurker, first time poster.
I was about to ask the same line of questions so I figured I’d post here.
Got my ILGM NY Diesel started in soil in a tent under SF2000/SF1000 combo running around 55% with humidification, fans and carbon ventilation and IMHO they’re doing really well. I want to move them outside since they’re sativa dominant and it’s our first year of legal growing here so I’d like to have some monsters on the back deck. Plus I think it’ll really improve the view for the county deputy who lives next door. LOL!
This is the start of day 9 and was planning on moving outside directly to the large pots I purchased for this project when I see roots at the bottom of their current containers. I know the intensity difference can be a killer so I was planing on getting some small bamboo poles to ring around the outer edge of the pot for LST later in the process but figured I could use it for greenhouse fabric to provide a shield from the intense sun during the transition. I work at home so it’s not a problem to adjust it during the day if needed until they harden off.
Two questions - Should I be taking the seedlings outside for a couple of hours daily now or just leave in the tent?
Second - I’m sure the process isn’t a cut and dry system but can anyone give me a rough estimate of how long it should take?
Moving the pots won’t be possible - they’re HUGE!
My next search will be for signs of heat/light stress so I’ll know what I’m looking for there.
Thanks for any help and advice and happy to be here!

I usually expose all my plants to a few hours of indirect sunlight over a few days very early. This small amount seems to be enough to harden off my plants even if it’s months later that I actually put them outside.

Happy growing…

Make sure you provide some kind of shade for the little ones for part of the day. 1gal pots are gonna be too small I think. 3gal minimum for outdoors 7gal much better. Unless your going to be moving them around a lot.

Would time in a low-e window do the trick or should I go outside under a tree?
I think the pots I bought are measured in cubic yards!LOL
Last year we grew 3 Cherokee Purple tomato plants in each of the same pots. And that’s an heirloom tomato that gets huge! Everything I read about outdoor container growing basically said you can’t go “too big” so I went big.
Of course, each of these 4 girls will be getting their own.
We’re limited to 4 plants in Virginia, but that’s 4 more than I could legally grow last year!


Planting pots into pots. How are you doing that? I have black plastic pots. How could I do that?

Make sure they get some kind of sunlight you don’t want them in the shade all day. Some people on here move them around the yard during the day to mix it up but I don’t remember who.
Anybody ?

Once they go into the big pots I think I can tie the fabric so they’ll get the morning sun for at least 2-3hrs then be shielded from the direct overhead during the middle of the day.
Then rotate the pot in position to catch a couple of hours of late afternoon/early evening light.
Of course the veil will have to come off eventually to get the most growth and highest yield.
BTW - different subject but, I’m currently watering with distilled water we purchase from a distributor.
Am I correct in thinking this doesn’t need to be Ph’d pre-nutes?

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The distilled water will take on the ph of the soil. I add cal-mag to distilled water.

Cut the bottoms off the small pot, the roots will travel into the new soil

I do fabric pots. I just plug and play…

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