Starting over several failed attempts I hope this works this time

So I’m starting over again… have gone through almost 100.00 in seeds … so germinating 2 AK …when they sprout I will put in paper towel …I’ve got seed starting soil ready in2 solo cups …one failed attempt iover watered my seedling …one got nice looking a few leafs I put in its forever home and my lights were to intense I think and they fried … so I hope this attempt works I invested ealot so far d I hope this works

Before you kill more money, check out some of what others are doing. Seed can be quite costly! The money you save can be put towards proper lighting and other stuff!
You said ince they sprout you are then going to put seed in paper towel? Thats a warning sign :flushed: right there! :raised_hand:
If anything, they should be sprouted in the paper towel and be moved to a solo cup and be gently watered in. Do NOT overwater your baby! Seedlings require very gentle watering until they are big enough to transplant. At no time should a seed or seedling be resting in soggy paper towel or soil! Damp for paper towel and humid damp for soil, like if you had a clump of soil in your hand and squeezed maybe a few drops would come out? If you stick to that and keep your light close enough that you can sorta feel it on the back of your hand you should be off to a good start.


My way I do it. I soak seeds 18 to 24 hours. I transfer them to damp toilet paper for 48 hours and transfer to their forever home. I can get away with more as I have two HLG 260xl rspec lights up in my 4x4.

I have planted seeds and they didn’t sprout and 2 weeks later I have then all sprout. It really packed the tent big time.

I’m more concerned about what is going on after your seeds sprout. What soil do you use, how frequently you water and how much? What light do you have them under. Are you using a dome.

My soil was an organic vegetable soil with some perlite and worm casting added …but the soil had some kind of bug …lights came with my 2 by 2 grow room they seem strong …i started my little plant before under a little led light it was good but then when I put it in the grow room I think that light fried them …so now I have a light seed sprouting medium to put my new seeds in …my plant to let them get as big as poss in the red solo cup before I transplant in there forever pots …i need to try new soil for those pots for sure …any suggestion on a bug free soil …i didn’t know organic soil is common for bugs …ugg.this is getting expensive I’m sure ive got well over 500.00 invested so far …

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i keep a written journal of everything i do so i can make sure if its a mistake i dont do it again. i read the beginner forum questions religiously. the grow bible helps and youtube has great videos.

Hello @Didi1 white light for seedlings, 65 degrees Fahrenheit for seedlings after germination. Use a good seed starter and leave them alone for about a week, actually if you prepared your soil correctly you’ll not need to water for 10 days if they are in Solo cups of course. Transplant anywhere from 3-6 weeks for veg. If you’re in a 2x2x4 you’ll only be able to grow a single plant if you want a yield worth the 4 months you put into producing your in medicine. This is only one man’s suggestion, it is by no means the be all end all to getting your seeds to grow. This info is from experience, I lost tons of seedlings due to ignorance.

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